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Climate Change

Instances of Changing Paradigm of Climate Affecting the World

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One of our biggest concerns in the current time is climate change and its implications. Large talks and movements are being organized worldwide for raising awareness. The changing climate is causing several issues throughout the world. Scientists and experts predict various upcoming implications that might be a result of the changing climate. For instance, researchers in the US West Coast, after thoroughly researching the region, suggest that it may experience power shortages as a result of climate change. Moreover, power interruptions may occur as a result of the advancing heat waves, while scientists fear that these heat waves may worsen over time.

Let us have a glimpse of the instances of the upcoming change of events caused due to climate change implications.

Global Warming and the submerging Thwaites

The temperature is constantly affected by global warming. Recently, a group of experts has decided to travel to the world’s freezing and coldest region, Antarctica, to study the adversities of global warming. The team is on a two-month mission to examine key locations, including the melting Thwaites (facing the Amundsen Sea). Due to global warming, the ice in the Antarctic region is drastically melting.

The Thwaites glacier is also known as the ‘Florida sized glacier’ as it is huge and covers the same amount of land as Florida. Scientists are constantly terrified about the pace of melting of the Thwaites since it may drastically increase the sea level upon melting. According to studies, the melting due to global warming will submerge 20 tons of ice in the region.

Deforestation and an invitation to recurring thunderstorms.

The African coastal cities are experiencing a recurrence of thunderstorms, and the frequency is increasing every year. One of the suggested reasons for this is deforestation in the region. Although the deforested lands are utilized for agricultural purposes, the occurrence of storms and heavy rainfalls are affecting rural as well as urban areas.

Large sections of coastal tropical forest are lost in Africa and Southeast Asia due to deforestation. Moreover, global climate change is already affecting people, and drainage and other infrastructure are typically ill-equipped to deal with significant flooding. Residents of Freetown, in particular, are already experiencing various harmful effects of climate change, including high temperatures and storm-related flash flooding.

The extinction of Native Trout species

Researchers discovered that between 1993 and 2018, the occupancy of native bull trout and west slope cutthroat trout decreased by 18% and 6% respectively, and are further expected to decrease by an additional 39% and 16% by 2080. Despite the very fact that invasive brook trout were projected to dwindle, invasive brown and rainbow trout have expanded their range as a result of rising water temperatures. In fact, their appearances tend to be well-positioned to thrive within the face of future temperature change. According to researchers, global climate change is possibly responsible for the decreases of both native trout species, however, the processes of decline differed by species.

An increase in the level of CO2

In the last 50 years, CO2 levels in the atmosphere have drastically risen—resulting in greater global temperatures and abrupt climate changes. Researchers believe that Carbon Capture storage (CSS) is a novel technology that experts believe will be critical in addressing climate catastrophe. It entails capturing CO2 from industrial processes or the combustion of fossil fuels in electricity generation and then storing it underground in geological formations. In the future, if we wish to manufacture ‘clean-burning’ hydrogen from hydrocarbon systems, CCS will be crucial.

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