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How You Can Fight Child Trafficking Without Even Leaving Home

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Child trafficking: it may seem like a far-away problem that you can’t do anything about and that only happens in the third world. The truth is that child trafficking is a growing global problem and the UK is no exception. No matter where you are in the world, you could be buying products that were made using forced child labour. Worse, there could even be child traffickers plying their trade near you.

Is there anything you can do to help see the perpetrators brought to justice and the victims rescued? Yes, there is! You needn’t even leave home to do it!

Help the Global Warriors Who Fight Child Trafficking

There are many organisations that work in different ways to fight child trafficking. There are even ones who go out there and save the children, ensuring that the people responsible for the terrible crime of slavery are brought to justice. If this thought inspires you, Operation Underground Railroad is among the good child trafficking organizations to donate to.

You might also be inspired by one of the many documentaries made about this group of anti-slavery warriors, and joining them in their efforts could be as simple as making a donation.

Be Aware. Spot the Signs and Symptoms

Read up on the signs and symptoms that could point to child trafficking near you. Shocked? It’s entirely possible that it’s happening in your area, and if you’re the one to report suspicious activity, and report it, you could become an unsung hero. Whether it’s a child living near you or children in far-flung corners of the globe, every life transformed, and every freed modern-day slave is one more step toward a world in which these abuses have no place.

Support Fair Trade Products

To gain fair trade certification, businesses open themselves and their supply chains to scrutiny. Their ethical practices earn them the right to boast Fair Trade certification, and you can find examples of this as close to home as your local Sainsbury’s.

From chocolate to tea to gold and diamonds, Fair Trade status lets you know that they were brought to you without unfair labour practices or, worse yet, child slaves being used to cut costs. No matter how good a product is for you, make sure it’s good for the world too!

Be Informed: Because You Don’t Know Until You Know

Without listing any of the worldwide brands that have previously discovered that their suppliers use child slaves, you might be surprised to discover just how many household names have unwittingly supported human trafficking. Be informed, be alert, and put pressure on retailers to remove any questionable products from their shelves. At the least, refuse to buy anything that may be tarnished by the taint of modern-day slavery.

Raise Funds

Although authorities around the world are the ones to prosecute child traffickers, it’s often private non-profits that uncover the problem and drive their efforts. Needless to say, it’s a mission whose only reward is the knowledge that children are being given a chance to live normal lives. Get your friends together for a fundraiser. Every contribution helps. You may never know just whose lives you changed for the better, but your efforts really can make a difference.

While you’re about it, you’ll also be generating greater awareness, and the knock-on effect could be immeasurable. The quest to end child slavery needs you. Are you ready to face the challenge?

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