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Clarkson University: The Power of an MBA, the Passion of Healthcare

Clarkson University

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Globally, there are millions of students who aspire to be MBA graduates. A Masters of Business Administration gives you the skill set to succeed in organizations from executive boards to entrepreneurial startups. This degree is recognized throughout the world as signaling the knowledge, skills, and abilities that modern business leadership needs. Clarkson University is at the forefront of providing students with the specialized skills that they need, and that includes their Healthcare MBA degree.

If you are a student who is looking for an MBA in healthcare, or another business degree, Clarkson University is a perfect place for you. Established in 1896 in New York, its Healthcare MBA is one of the only programs in the world to be accredited by both the Business AACSB and the Healthcare CAHME organizations, providing both healthcare training and high-quality management education that is essential to succeed in the business world.

Flexible Learning Environment Designed For All

Clarkson University offers interdisciplinary courses merging the best practices of business management with a global, sustainable, technology-driven perspective. Healthcare in MBA is one of the specialized courses provided by the university along with other courses such as Business Administration (1-Year MBA & Online), Healthcare Data Analytics (MS), Supply Chain Management (MS), and shorter certificates in many business programs.

Different programs are offered both online as well as onsite in several locations across the State of New York, including Potsdam, Schenectady, and Beacon campuses. Students living in remote places can also enroll in Clarkson’s online MBA, supply chain program, or other online offerings. In the online program, the university focuses on leveraging technology to bring live components of learning into a flexible learning environment designed for the working professional. It also offers a rare accelerated 9-month residential MBA program, the fastest MBA format available.

MBA in Healthcare

In addition to basic qualifications, Clarkson’s Healthcare MBA requires its students have a ‘desire to help others’. With a combination of basic MBA business education and knowledge of the healthcare industry, Clarkson University offers a special MBA in Healthcare Management. This program has both AACSB and CAHME accreditations and is one of few programs of its kind.

Clarkson University’s David D. Reh School of Business encourages students by offering scholarships. Funding is awarded based on the overall merits of the application including work experience, standardized exams, and undergraduate academic performance. From the admissions to the merit scholarship rewards, the university helps students with its collaborative approach.

Enhancing Students’ Existing Skills

The teachers at Clarkson University are highly experienced experts in their respective subjects. For example, John W. Huppertz, Chair of the MBA Healthcare Management Program of The David D. Reh School of Business also teaches in the program. After earning his Ph.D. at a young age, he chose to move into the healthcare industry. While he always intended to become a professor, he wanted to have a few years of real world experience to bring to his students. A few years turned into 26, joining a fantastic marketing company and helping to grow the firm from a handful of people to over 200 employees in 6 offices around the U.S.

John still wished to return to teaching, however, and joined Clarkson’s faculty to pass on his experience to new generations. John utilizes all of his 26-year marketing experience for the benefits of his students. Through his extensive expertise in marketing, he helps students enhance their existing skills and develop new ones that a business management student must possess. His work has been rewarded with the American Marketing Association’s David K. Hardin Award for Best Article in Marketing Research.

With years of experience, John advises that students in this era must understand the importance of possessing skills beyond a traditional MBA experience. In this data-driven world, you must prepare yourself beforehand. As a student, you should understand the data; how to analyze it, and what it means. Alongside this, you must be capable of critical thinking, and able to communicate effectively with your peers. Clarkson University recognizes these complex needs of the modern marketplace, and works to prepare students to meet the changing needs of business.

Bridging the Student-Teacher Gap with Healthy Interactions

Communication is a vital part of the education system. At Clarkson University, a healthy atmosphere is maintained with students having access to the highly qualified faculty outside the classroom as well as inside. Full-time students can interact with teachers to answer questions and work through concepts together.

Even online only students can benefit from Clarkson’s focus on teacher-student interactions. For them, there is at least one hour of live virtual time per week in each class where faculty members have a chance to be with the class in a real-time environment. This provision helps in bridging the student-teacher gap and maintaining a healthier educational environment.

Clarkson University

Helping Students with Plans for the Future

Along with helping the current students, the university has a flurry of plans for the future. Clarkson has recently developed new electives to help Healthcare MBA students keep up with modern healthcare needs. For example, courses like Long-Term Care, Facility Design, Payer Managed Care Organizations, Social Determinants of Health, and many others are now offered. Indeed, Clarkson has more electives than fit in a single degree. The university is also working on developing a new specialized major in Business Analytics for the Reh School of Business for the intersection of Data Analytics and Business Leadership.

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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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