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Coding Boot Camp

Michigan State University Launches Coding Boot Camp to Develop a Tech-Savvy Workforce

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Partnered with Trilogy Education, Detroit is cracking the code of tech economy

In just a handful of years, the growing demand for skilled tech workers has been observed across all industries. Software development, data analytics, and engineering are among the most valued skills in the eyes of many industry leaders. With demand for tech-savvy talent in Detroit at a record high, in partnership with Trilogy Education, Michigan State University (MSU) is offering its first coding boot camp. Motivated toward young learners and working professionals in the region, the MSU Coding Boot Camp is focusing to teach the front-end and back-end skills, which is necessary for becoming a proficient full stack developer.

The 24-week, the part-time program begins June 1, 2020, with two three-hour evening classes during the week (6:15 to 9:15 p.m.) and a four-hour class on Saturdays (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.).

Dean of the MSU College of Engineering, Leo Kempel, said that after witnessing a transformation in Detroit’s economy we’ve decided to launch the MSU Coding Boot Camp to help meet that increasing demand and build the new workforce of technology talent for Detroit’s businesses.

“We believe through this partnership we’ll be able to quickly scale our efforts to bring accelerated tech training opportunities to the local workforce.”

Detroit’s urge

In recent years, Detroit has experienced a weighed business renaissance driven by a growing tech economy. According to the Burning Glass, companies in the Detroit-area struggled for emerging forces that could fill over 44,000 open roles requiring some level of coding proficiency in 2019, many at Detroit’s major auto manufacturers. However, many companies are observing a progressively harder time locating tech talent. US Census Bureau studies that the skilled labor shortage across the tech industries is exacerbated by a record low unemployment rate despite the fact that just exacerbated by a record low unemployment rate.

Building tech talent hub

Combining MSU’s strengths with Trilogy’s market-driven coding and career curriculum empowers students with both the competence and confidence to succeed in the technology industry. The boot camp program’s curriculum covers:

  • The basics of coding, algorithms, and data structure plus intensive training in JavaScript, Node.js, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Java and more. Students are not required to have previous training or experience, but applicants should have an understanding of coding basics.
  • Students will spend 20 hours a week on outside projects, homework, and experiential learning activities. They’ll build a professional project portfolio to showcase their abilities and hone their competitive edge in the employment market.
  • Students will receive a range of career-planning services, portfolio reviews, recruiting assistance, and extensive staff support.
  • Boot Camp students will gain skills to develop dynamic end-to-end web applications, as well as receive a certificate in Full-Stack Web Development from MSU’s College of Engineering.
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