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Best Housing

A College Student’s Guide To Finding The Best Housing

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Studying abroad can be a fantastic experience for college students. They get the opportunity to see the world, learn about new cultures, experience different styles of education, and, more importantly, expand their career opportunities.  However, although studying abroad has several benefits, it also exposes students to a set of challenges. 

One of these challenges is how to find the best housing or accommodation for the time they’ll be in college. But, the good news is that with the correct information and working with property dealers like American Avenue, the process of finding the best housing can be hassle-free.

So, if you’re a student or an aspiring student, this guide is for you. You’re going to learn some essential tips for finding the best housing to opt for. Read on to get enlightened.

How To Find The Best Housing

Now that you’ve chosen your preferred college, the next important step is to find an accommodation. However, sometimes, finding suitable housing in a new country or a faraway town can be an overwhelming task. This is because you may want to find a clean, safe, affordable, and convenient place.  

With that said, here are essential tips you can consider when searching for your housing:

  • Assess Your Budget

Accommodation is one of the major costs most college students face. However, although housing can seem expensive, there are always different accommodation pricing options to suit various students’ needs.  Therefore, you need to assess your budget and determine how much rent you’re able to pay monthly. 

Note that nearby college apartments can be a bit expensive than those faraway housing facilities. So, if you can’t afford to live near the college, you can rent a good house a few kilometers or far away from the school.  

  • Start Your Search Early

One of the best strategies to find the best housing is to start searching for a house early enough. Remember that you’re not the only student looking for housing, which means that the demand for students’ accommodation is always very high. 

So, if you fail to search for your accommodation early, all the best houses might get occupied before you start the process. So, if you want to beat the competition and get a high-quality accommodation that fits your unique preferences, be sure to start your search early.

  • Consider The Location

Although some colleges offer on-campus housing, most students prefer to live outside the school. Living outside the school provides several benefits, and one of them is personal privacy. However, even though you might be happy to enjoy your privacy, it’d be a good idea to consider the place you live. 

One of the things you might consider when searching for the best place to live is accessibility to essential amenities, like hospitals, markets, means of transport, and much more. Find a place where you can access all these amenities at ease.  

Also, find a place where security is guaranteed. This is because you don’t want to live worrying whether you and your properties are safe enough. 

A good location should have strong security measures in place. Some of the things you need to check for security purposes include the availability of street lights and police posts. In addition, find out whether your preferred apartment has CCTV cameras and security alarm systems.  

  • Search Online

The invention of technologies and the dawn of the Internet make housing search for students pretty simple. So, if you’re looking for the best accommodation, the Internet can be the best solution for you. Although there are several sites offering housing search services out there, not all are genuine. Therefore, you need to do your due diligence and work with a reputable firm. 

One of the best ways to know whether a housing search service provider is reputable or not is by reading other customers’ reviews and feedback. If you find positive comments on their website or any review platform, it means most students were satisfied with their services. Therefore, you can work with such a firm so you’d find the best accommodation that can suit your needs.  

  • Referrals

Referrals and recommendations are other effective strategies you can utilize to get the best housing. Some of the people who can recommend the best accommodation near the college are the former or future students who understand the area. Such students can tell you the available options or even connect you to the property owners. While it’s hard to meet with these students in person, you can find them in school forums or social media pages.  

  • Meet The Property Manager In Person

After searching for housing online or through referrals, it’d be a good idea to meet the house manager or the landlord in person before you make deposits. This allows you to confirm that the property really exists and is in a condition as advertised. Also, meeting the landlord allows you to ask other questions, like whether there are additional related costs.

In addition, your property manager can tell you as to what extent they’re responsible for the repair and maintenance of the house.  Understanding all this information enables you to better organize your budget for future months or years.  

  • Don’t Settle On The First Deal

To ensure you get the best, but cheap, accommodation, it’d be a good idea not to settle on the first property you come across, but, rather, make a few viewings first. Remember that you’re going to start a long college journey of three or four years, or even more, and, therefore, it would be great to find a place you’d be comfortable living within that period. 

Finding an ideal place is crucial because you may not want a situation wherein you keep relocating from one place to another after a few months. Therefore, when searching for your accommodation, try to list as many properties as possible, then sit down and make some comparisons. After your comparison, settle for a deal that best suits you.  

  • Understand Your Roommates

Even though it’s a common phenomenon for college students to live together, it’s good to pick your roommates wisely. This is because some roommates can cause a mess in your house. For instance, some roommates might bring rowdy friends into your apartment, and, sometimes, you might get uncomfortable. 

Therefore, before you start living with your fellow students, it’d be a good idea to screen them and understand their behavior. However, if you only start noticing their ill behavior while you’re already living together, you can consider evicting them or finding a better alternative to live in.  


Best Housing

It’s a dream for every student to study abroad or outside their local cities. Studying far away from home means finding accommodation, but finding a good one can be a daunting task. However, worry not as there are several strategies you can implement to ensure you get the best housing, and at a price you can afford.

Rebecca Godfrey

Rebecca Godfrey is a medical student. She enjoys traveling to various places to learn about different cultures. Rebecca loves to write about her experiences through guest posts online. During her free time, she likes watching movies and reading novels.

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