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Georgia Southern University

Georgia Southern University and South University Partner to Benefit Students Pursuing Pharmacy

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Key Highlights:

  • The ‘Georgia Southern University’ and the ‘South University’ have collaborated on a new partnership agreement.
  • This partnership agreement is a boon for students pursuing pharmacy degrees.
  • This partnership will allow students to obtain a pharmacy degree by saving both time and money.

Scope and Importance of Pharmacy

With rapid advancements and breakthroughs in the pharmaceutical industry, the importance and demand of pharmacology have increased making this a highly organized and reputed profession. Pharmaceutical science involves the development and formulation of drugs by using natural and synthetic sources that are used for the prevention and treatment of diseases. The scope and importance of the pharmaceutical industry have tremendously increased after the pandemic with the rise in many kinds of diseases and complications. Courtesy of these advancements and growing importance, more students are inclined to opt for this career option.

Collaboration of Universities

The ‘Georgia Southern University’ and ‘South University’ have come up with a collaboration partnership agreement to provide better courses and degrees that will be affordable for everyone. This partnership will provide many offers and opportunities to students by introducing collaborative basic and applied research projects for graduate and undergraduate students. This collaboration will allow students to obtain their bachelor’s degree while pursuing a pharmacy degree. The 3+3 program has been developed to provide better learning opportunities to everyone.

How this Partnership Works?

The partnership agreement between Georgia South University and Southern University is a boon for students pursuing a pharmacy degree. Before this agreement, students had to obtain an undergraduate degree in biology or chemistry from the Georgia South University, and then obtain a pharmacy degree from the Southern University. This process would take 7 years to finally get rewarded with the pharmacy degree.

But, after this partnership agreement, students will complete both the undergraduate and graduate programs in just 6 years saving an extra year of time and money.

Dean’s Opinion on this Partnership

As per Delana Gajdosik-Nivens, dean of The College of Science and Mathematics at the Georgia Southern University, “This new partnership makes the pathway to the undergraduate degree and the professional degree seamless and streamlined, saving students both time and money”.

Dean Arneson, who is the dean for South University School of Pharmacy, also agrees to this point. They have promised to provide strong faculty support through didactic and clinical experiences.

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