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Does social media encourage cosmetic surgery?

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There are some who suggest that it might be possible that social media has an undue influence on if and how people decide to get plastic surgery. This is to say that some are concerned that plastic surgeons will use social media in a way that is intended to market to people who use social networks to socialize with their friends and get the news.

However, doctors, like the one who provides service via this site have stated that they feel completely comfortable with the way that they run their operations and conduct their business.

In fact, they are more than a little taken aback by the accusation that they are doing anything wrong by using social media as a means of conducting their business. The truth is, there are a lot of people and entities that use social media to market their business, and there shouldn’t have to be different rules for those who practice plastic surgery.

Recently, studies were conducted that attempted to evaluate how people who saw ads for plastic surgery on social media would respond to the procedure. The studies found that there was a correlation between people seeing advertisements for cosmetic surgery on social media, and people accepting cosmetic surgery as a procedure in general.

In other words, many people found that they had a positive response to the idea of accepting plastic surgery once they were able to see how it had positively impacted the lives of others around them. Just that little boost of positive information about how these surgeries work was enough to help bolster the way that many people understand these surgeries.

Researchers spoke with 250 people in their study about their experiences with social media, their use of various platforms, and how they felt about plastic surgeons using filters and other means of photo alteration in order to present their patients and their results in a particular light.

The researchers also asked the participants about their own use of photo editing software and other tools. The average age of the participants in the study was 24 years old, and the researchers found that the more that the participants reported using social media, the more likely they were to be accepting of the use of filters on advertisements for cosmetic surgery.

They also discovered that the more that people used social media, the more likely they were to consider getting cosmetic surgery for themselves. There was a very direct correlation between all of this, and it is something that has left researchers wondering if there is more information that they ought to know about what people truly think about cosmetic surgery as a procedure in general.

Perhaps it is true that there is more acceptance of cosmetic surgery as a direct correlation to the fact that people are spending more time on social media in general. Regardless, it is certainly the case that this particular study was able to find some correlation between the two, and that is an important thing to focus on as well.


It is somewhat challenging to say precisely what the implications of people being more accepting of cosmetic surgery are just because they are on social media more than some others.

Sure, it is possible that this may mean that some users are more prone to having issues with their body and body image, but it may also be a great way for some people to participate in an industry that is literally changing lives.

What is known for certain is that cosmetic surgery should not necessarily be painted solely in one light or another. It is possible to view it both as something that can be useful to many people, and also something that doesn’t necessarily work for everyone.

When we get ourselves into a place where we are constantly thinking of things as only working or not working, we are denying the human experience of many different types of people, and that can be a critical mistake to make.

Instead, we ought to do our best to make sure we do not fall into the trap of believing that cosmetic surgery is just one thing or another.

Cosmetic surgery can be a truly wonderful thing for those who decide that this is how they want to live their life, and the fact that it is being pitched to them on social media is something that we ought to celebrate.

Think about things with a complete frame of mind like this if you want to put yourself in a position to better understand what cosmetic surgery and advertising for that kind of surgery is all about.

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