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4 Tips for Writing a Winning MBA Admission

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Writing an MBA admission is easy, but it involves a lot on the application part. You will need to capture an admission reviewer’s attention with your story and reality, convincing them to learn more by inviting you for an interview. However, to get there, your essays must convey a strong message of who you are beyond what the admission team will obtain from your academic record and work experience. Here are some tips to help navigate an MBA admission and earn a spot at your top-choice business school.

1. Show your are fit for the program

Admission reviewers are looking for students who fit the focus and values of the MBA program. You should be able to communicate clearly and authentically why you are joining the program and how your participation will help fellow learners and the institution as a whole.

Strive to know the admissions requirements, program’s format, curriculum, and career trip opportunities. These will help you write a compelling MBA admission and show you whether this is precisely the learning opportunity you are looking for. You can also use professionals such as Fortuna Admissions for career insight and expertise.

2. Be concise

Your essays and short answers are part of your application. Besides the details you will provide on the application form, you will also submit an MBA resume. This gives the admission committee members enough opportunity to read about what you have accomplished, all the roles you have participated in, and the awards you have worn.

Rather than squeezing everything, focus on sharing only a few key highlights, touching on some interesting details, and conveying your authentic voice through your writing. This is your opportunity to express yourself, demonstrate your accomplishment, and share your passion. The fewer things you cover in your essay, the more you will achieve your objectives.

3. Discuss short- and long-term goals

Outlining your short- and long-term career goals in the admission essay helps show determination and prove that you are practical and serious about your intentions. In addition, it loops back to the point of you being the right fit for a certain program by showing how the MBA degree will take you closer to your career aspirations. Stating your short- and long-term goals in equal measures can be so essential that some MBA programs make it one of their essay questions for applicants.

4. Edit and Proofread

It might sound insignificant, but editing and proofreading are critical in the final stage of essay writing before submitting your application. Editing helps to determine whether the essay structure, argument, and logic are all there.

Be sure to ask someone unfamiliar with your work to review your essays. You will require a new set of eyes to spot all the mistakes. Ideally, use a professional proofreader for your MBA application to seek out perspectives on what you should improve while still having time before the submission deadline.


Applying for an MBA program has become more competitive, requiring applicants to be more creative to distinguish themselves from the rest. However, if you follow these essential tips closely, your unique voice will imitate the MBA essays you submit. That will make you stand out from the other applicants and get you a step closer to being admitted to a business school of your choice.

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