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Dario Health

DarioHealth Makes Blood Monitoring Easier and Accurate

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Now phone users can better measure and maintain health conditions at home

Dario Health, a leading global digital therapeutics company added a new digital blood monitoring solution on its Dario app platform that allows patients to monitor their blood pressure throughout the day. The Dario Blood Pressure Monitoring System offers multiple solutions where patients can also monitor their blood glucose levels along with dealing hypertensions, which is a critical part of DarioHealth’s strategy to go beyond diabetes and help patients against various chronic conditions.

The Dario Blood Pressure Monitoring System allows users to track their blood pressure and a variety of health markers.

A quick and user-friendly health monitoring app                                                       

Today, 75 million Americans have High blood pressure including 73.6% of adults with diabetes. Dario Blood Pressure Monitoring System composed of a digital monitor and a blood pressure cuff, synchronizes with the Dario mobile app offers a fast, easy way to monitor these two strongly correlated chronic conditions, Dario aims to help more people live healthier lives.

  • A user utilizing the Dario Blood Pressure Monitoring System, together with the Dario Blood Glucose Monitoring System, creates a harmonized digital health solution, enabling users to better monitor their health and make data-driven.
  • Users with hypertension and diabetes that utilize Dario’s software and professional coaching will benefit from a clear, broad picture of their condition in a user-friendly format on their phone.

“Our digital diabetes management solution has proven to be a valuable daily companion to those suffering from this chronic condition and is able to meet their needs and expectations. We have further expanded our offering to address the needs of those with hypertension, providing a sophisticated solution to millions affected by this condition” commented Erez Raphael, Chief Executive Officer of DarioHealth.

Dario also provides healthcare professionals with access to the accumulated information and enables them to adjust their interventions and evaluate their clinical effectiveness based on hard data.

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