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MIT-Germany and University

MIT-Germany and University of Regensburg decided to take their collaboration further

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Enhancement of previous agreement

MIT and the University of Regensburg have reached a new agreement, which will further their collaboration for another five years. This new arrangement will facilitate the programs, workshops of skill development for the students and inject fresh funds.

MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI) have reached out to the educational institution around the word seeking partnership, which will help the students and the faculty to learn and amplify their research work and education.

The University of Regensburg is the first in Germany to officially sign an agreement with MIT’s German division to create a design that can be adopted by both the universities. As per the previous agreement they wanted to create strong student experience and opportunities in research.

Markus Buehler, Faculty Director at MIT-Germany said, “The renewal of the partnership with the University of Regensburg is an exciting milestone for the MIT-Germany program. It will allow MIT students to gain valuable teaching and research experiences and participate in cutting edge research.”

Exchange program for better learning

Global Teaching Labs is the most important factor of this collaboration as it gives the MIT student the scope of learning through teaching. It asks the student to simplify the knowledge and present it as they have understood it, experience the team environment and most important part connect with their associate from the different cultural backgrounds and share MIT’s approach of science with them.

The partnership will develop short annual workshops on different subjects, which will be conducted by MIT and the University of Regensburg on an alternate basis. The cultural exchange has paid the dividend, as the participants were able to see and learn from the work of other students.

Each year a new topic is selected for the workshop, next session might be directed towards the Regensburg’s deep expertise in physics. It is important for them to make the faculty program strong and expand as the renewal was put in the place.

This association has one more very intriguing aspect, which is the integration of these two universities with the MISTI Global Seed fund program. First-year will see the one award given to exchange faculty and students, which will boost the collaborative projects.




The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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