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Dr. Elad Granot: Constructing a Tech-Friendly Ecosystem in Northeast Ohio


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A region’s economy is powered by innovation. Technology is at the forefront of numerous innovations as they continue to emerge through entrepreneurial start-up ventures. As technology and business have become more intertwined, there are no longer any barriers between the two. Northeastern Ohio is one of the very few regions that have excellent connectivity for technology and business to converge. Its collaboration between civic, nonprofit, business, higher education, and the government is helping the community thrive. 

To have a beneficial impact on the greater Northeastern Ohio ecosystem, the Boler College of Business at John Carroll University has modified its technological strategy. Dr. Elad Granot, a Business Dean, gives Northeastern Ohio’s current achievements in effectively collaborating a B-. Since his arrival, his grade has improved from an F. Dr. Granot thinks that while everyone is attempting to advance their independent projects, the ecosystem cannot advance. Today, there is a concerted attempt among people to work together rather than being segregated. However, in Northeastern Ohio, compartmentalized and personalized strategies are still present.

Valuing Relationships

Boler College of Business is one of the many players whose interactions have an immediate impact on Northeastern Ohio. The college is consistently forging closer ties with the greater community in Northeastern Ohio. Dr. Granot contends that interpersonal connections are the foundation of all cooperative relationships among ecosystem actors.

Additionally, genuine relationships between ecosystem players must be at the heart of their interactions. These connections contribute to the success of the community because people find creative ways to capitalize on one another’s achievements. The region benefits from these enduring connections. Dr. Granot claims, “We need to capitalize on these relationships, put technology at the forefront of everything we do, and innovate for Northeast Ohio to reach its fullest potential.”

Potential Hub for Tech Startup

Northeastern Ohio still has a long way to go in terms of technological start-ups. However, it already possesses the characteristics of becoming a significant national staple in the start-up technology industry. Northeastern Ohio’s Lake Erie is a resource that other cities and communities desperately need. From a technological standpoint, water is essential and offers a significant benefit. Northeastern Ohio is also in a favorable location on the map. It takes only an hour to fly to financial centers like Chicago and New York. If one wants, one can take a direct flight to Silicon Valley.

Northeastern Ohio also boasts a diversified population and an outstanding higher education environment. Boler College, for instance, has a significant impact on the ecosystem by attracting top people. The region has everything it needs for future success when combined with the Midwestern work ethic. It includes a varied population, both native and immigrant.

However, Northeastern Ohio is not the best location for a technological start-up until everything is in place. The absence of venture funding is a hindrance to progress. Until a coordinated effort is made to address this problem, a barrier caused by a lack of venture capital will persist. The Boler College of Business is putting new programs in place to encourage students to become interested in venture capital to fix this.

Responsibilities as a Business School Dean

Higher education’s sole duty in an ecosystem is to educate and prepare students for both their future careers and personal lives. An acceptance of the access issue is necessary to appropriately handle this enormous duty. Dr. Granot has to develop future potential in his capacity as Dean of the Boler College of Business.

Dr. Granot believes that talent cannot be produced if there is a serious issue with access to resources. According to him, business schools need to establish spaces for students who are interested in learning more about artificial intelligence, so they are welcomed and trained to join the community and pursue their passions. Therefore, access restrictions must be reduced to a minimum and eliminated to generate talent effectively. The Boler College of Business is dedicated to accomplishing this. However, without considering technology and the bigger ecosystem, this aim cannot be achieved.

Objectives and Known Results

When pursuing a lofty aim, using the Objectives and Known Results (OKR) strategy approach can help. OKR emphasizes that to have a successful strategy, a company must only concentrate on a few tasks. Dr. Granot effectively promotes these ideas in his capacity as Dean of the business school. These tactics include:

1. Importance of Internationalization

The global business ecosystem connects all businesses. A student won’t be aware of other people’s innovation and technology unless they are actively involved in a global environment.

2. Learning by Doing

It is required that all students complete an internship prior to graduation.

3. Emphasizing a Technology-based Core

Making sure students leave school with a fundamental comprehension of technology.

4. Understanding how Businesses Work

Business principles are used to manage every enterprise. As a result, students should be familiar with business management. The Boler College of Business is growing its graduate programs as a result.

Take on Entrepreneurship

Dr. Granot believes that initiatives that involve the entire student body can be launched to develop a talent that contributes to the creative ecosystem frameworks. Like technology, entrepreneurship is a talent and way of thinking that every student should possess. This is so because an ecosystem’s success depends on entrepreneurship. Innovation is fueled by entrepreneurship, which the Boler College of Business is pushing as its priority.

Dr. Granot considers that the lack of a single archetype is one of the most lovely aspects of entrepreneurship. Regardless of their major—finance or engineering—any student can become an entrepreneur. The Boler College of Business is assisting this innovation by offering tools that any student can use. Every student having access to entrepreneurship increases their capacity to have a positive influence on Northeastern Ohio.



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