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15 Early Childhood Education Quotes for Building Your Child’s Brain Castle

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Early childhood education is the foundation of a child’s lifelong learning and development. It is not only about teaching academic skills; instead, it is also about nurturing the child’s curiosity, creativity, and character. Early childhood educators play a vital role in shaping the future of our society by providing quality care and education to young children. In this article, we have compiled 15 inspiring early childhood education quotes.

We hope that these quotes will motivate you to appreciate the importance and value of early childhood education. Whether you are a parent, teacher, or policy maker, recognizing its significance can make a positive impact.

  1. “A first class system of early childhood education is the hallmark of a caring and civilized society.” – Andy Hargreaves

This quote is from Andy Hargreaves, a researcher and advisor on education and change. He says that a first-class system of early childhood education is a sign of a society that cares and is civilized. This means that a society that provides quality and affordable education for young children shows that it values and respects them. Moreover, it shows that it is advanced and progressive in its thinking and actions. Additionally, early childhood education quotes like this one inspire us to support and improve early childhood education.

  1. “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” – Frederick Douglass

This quote is from Frederick Douglass, a former slave who became the leader of an anti-slave movement. He says that it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. Consequently, this means that children need support and guidance to grow up healthy and happy. On the other hand, men who have suffered from trauma, injustice, and injustice are heard to heal and help. Notably, early childhood education quotes like this one show us the importance of caring for children. Therefore, we can prevent them from becoming damaged and hopeless adults.

  1. “Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression.” – Haim Ginott
early-childhood-education-quotes-Haim Ginott

This quote is from Haim Ginott, a psychologist and educator who wrote about child psychology and communication. He compares children to wet cement in this quote. He means that children are very sensitive and impressionable. Whatever they experience or encounter, leaves a mark on them. Early childhood education quotes like this one remind us to be careful and positive with children. Therefore, as a result, we can assist them in developing healthy and happy personalities. This is one of the best early childhood education quotes.

  1. “What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child.” – George Bernard Shaw

The quote is from George Bernard Shaw, an Irish playwright and critic who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1925. He says that we want to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child. This means that we want the child to be curious and eager to learn, and not forced or pressured to learn. He suggests that the child’s interest and passion are more important than the content or method of teaching. In light of this perspective, early childhood education quotes like this one inspire us to respect and support the child’s learning. Therefore, by embracing this mindset, we can help them grow and thrive.

  1. “The secret in education lies in respecting the student.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

This quote is from Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American writer and philosopher. In essence, the quote signifies that education should be grounded in the interests, needs, and potentials of the students. Moreover, it underscores the importance of teachers respecting the students as persons and learners, and honoring their voice and choice. Furthermore, it emphasizes that education should not only impart knowledge but also cultivate the students’ creativity, self-reliance, and moral character.

  1. “How one handles success or failure is determined by their early childhood.” – Harold Ramis

The quote is from Harold Ramis, an American actor, comedian, and filmmaker. The experiences and influences of one’s early childhood shape how one deals with success and failures in life. Additionally, it also means that the attitudes and behaviors of one’s parents, teachers, and peers affect how one views oneself and one’s abilities. Furthermore, it means that the opportunities and challenges of one’s early childhood impact how one pursues one’s goals and dreams.

  1. “Children have to be educated, but they have also to be left to educate themselves.” – Ernest Dimnet

The quote is from Ernest Dimnet, a French priest, writer, and lecturer. Dimnet challenged the traditional methods of education and advocated for a more democratic and humanistic approach. The quote means that education should not be only about teaching children facts or skills. Education should allow children to learn by themselves, through their curiosity and exploration. Moreover, it means that education should respect the children’s individuality and freedom. Additionally, it should not impose a fixed curriculum or a single way of learning.

  1. “Do not keep children to their studies by compulsion but by play.” – Plato

This quote is from Plato, an ancient Greek philosopher. He founded the academy, a school of philosophy in Athens. The quote means that education should not be forced on children. The education should be fun for children. Moreover, it means that education should involve play and games, fostering an environment that can stimulate the children’s curiosity and creativity. This quote is one of the many inspiring early childhood education quotes that offer insights and inspiration for educators and parents.

  1. “If we want our children to move mountains, we first have to let them get out of their chairs.” – Nicolette Sowder

The quote is by Nicolette Sowder, a poet and founder of Wilder Child. She is passionate about connecting children with nature. The quote means that children need freedom and exploration to discover their potential. It implies that sitting in chairs limits their creativity and curiosity. Therefore, we must encourage them to play and learn outside. This way, they can develop skills and confidence to achieve great things. This quote is one of the many inspiring early childhood education quotes. It reminds us of the importance of nurturing children’s natural desire to learn.

  1. “Too close supervision stifles the mental growth of children.” – Abhijit Naskar

The quote is from Abhijit Naskar, an Indian neuroscientist and social activist. The quote means that children need some space and freedom to learn and grow. Additionally, it also means that parents and teachers should not control or interfere too much with the children’s activities and choices. Furthermore, it means that children should be allowed to make their own mistakes and learn from them. In addition, early childhood educators play a vital role in nurturing the child’s curiosity, creativity, and confidence. Therefore, they should not be too strict or rigid.

  1. “Preschool children are virtuosos of imagination.” – Benjamin Spock

The quote is by Benjamin Spock, an American pediatrician. He wrote a famous book on child care. The quote praises the imagination of preschool children. It compares them to virtuosos, who are experts in music or art. The quote implies that preschool children have amazing creative abilities. They can invent stories, games, and characters with ease. Additionally, the quote suggests that we should appreciate and encourage their imagination. It is a valuable skill for learning and life. This quote is one of the many inspiring early childhood education quotes. It celebrates the power and joy of children’s imagination.

  1.  “Passive toys make active learners.” – Magda Gerber

The quote is by Magda Gerber, an early childhood educator from the United States. She taught parents and caregivers how to understand and respect babies from birth. The quote means that children learn better with simple, non-electronic toys that require their imagination and creativity. They do not move, make noise, or light up on their own. Children have to activate them and use them in different ways. For example, a wooden block can be a car, a phone, or a piece of food. Moreover, passive toys challenge children to think, solve problems, and develop skills. Additionally, they also encourage independent play and active engagement.

  1. “Tutoring a four year old to get into an exclusive preschool made as much sense as hiring a swim coach for a guppy.” – Jodi Picoult

The quote is by Jodi Picoult, an American writer. She has written many novels, some of which deal with family and social issues. The quote compares tutoring a four-year-old to hiring a swim coach for a guppy. A guppy is a small fish that can swim naturally. It does not need a coach to teach it how to swim. Similarly, a four-year-old does not need a tutor to get into a preschool. The quote suggests that tutoring a four-year-old is unnecessary and absurd. Additionally, it implies that some parents put too much pressure on their children to achieve academic success at a very young age. This quote is one of the many interesting early childhood education quotes. It challenges us to think about the purpose and value of education for young children.

14. “A child educated only at school is an uneducated child.” – George Santayana

The quote is by George Santayana, a Spanish-American philosopher. He wrote many books on aesthetics, ethics, and metaphysics. The quote means that education is not limited to school. Additionally, it also happens at home and in the community. Furthermore, a child needs to learn from different sources and experiences. Moreover, he or she should not rely on school alone. The quote implies that school is not enough to prepare a child for life. It may teach facts and skills, but not values and wisdom.

15. “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once they grow up.” – Pablo Picasso


The quote is by Pablo Picasso, a famous Spanish artist. He created many paintings, sculptures, and other artworks. The quote praises the artistic talent of every child. It says that children have a natural ability to create and express themselves. Additionally, the quote also highlights the difficulty of maintaining this ability as an adult. Furthermore, it implies that growing up often means losing one’s creativity and originality. Moreover, the quote suggests that we should learn from children and strive to keep our inner artists alive.

Early childhood education is a vital and valuable endeavor. Moreover, it benefits not only the individual child but also society and the world. Additionally, it is not only about teaching facts and skills; rather, it is about nurturing the child’s whole being and potential. Furthermore, educators are the agents and advocates of this noble and noble mission, and they deserve our respect and support. In conclusion, we hope these 15 early childhood education quotes have given you some insights and inspiration on this important topic. Thank you for reading!

Sushmita Nibandhe

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