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Earthling Security Offers End-to-End Services to Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform

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The Multi-Cloud Managed Continuous Monitoring Service will provide a tailored and strategic business solution

Earthling Security, LLC, an SBA 8(a) certified security and technology provider announces the launch of its multi-cloud Managed Continuous Monitoring Service and 24 x 7 Cloud-based Security Operations Service. Earthling’s ConMon-as-Service allows customers to have end-to-end services option to onboard to their choice of cloud platform and select security controls from a service catalog.

Earthling’s ConMon-as-a-Service provides ongoing continuous monitoring and security operations for applications and workloads requiring long term regulatory compliance. Earthling’s service catalog encompasses a broad library of compliance-as-code for various infrastructures and development frameworks.

Services ensure secure and trusted solutions

The Multi-Cloud Managed ConMon service offering allows customers to task their expert IT teams to focus on business without worrying about keeping highly vertical skill sets on staff:

  • Earthling’s ConMon-as-Service comprises of various automated security tools and configurations developed by the Earthling team. The solutions help customers to approach to on-board applications or platforms to a compliant cloud environment
  • The tools and configurations are designed to meet specific ongoing compliance requirements, such as boundary protection, threat management, centralized and automated security event and log management, configuration management, endpoint protection and disaster recovery.
  • This end-to-end service is particularly helpful to organizations that wish to achieve FedRAMP authorization in order to sell their cloud-based solutions to the government.
  • Additionally, customers can use Earthling’s ConMon-as-a-Service to obtain authorization or accreditation for FedRAMP, FISMA, HIPAA, DoD SGR, DFARS (NIST 800-171), CMMC (L1-5), SOC, GDPR, and PCI compliance.

“The ability to always have your FedRAMP ATO or any other regulatory accreditation up to date is a critical item in maintaining ongoing business especially when it’s demanded by stakeholders,” said, John Masin, VP Sales

Earthling Security, LLC is a strategic, end-to-end Cloud Computing, IT Security, and Secure DevOps solutions company. Our focus is to provide tailored and strategic business solutions to support and optimize the business mission of our valued clients.

Earthling’s ConMon-as-a-Service includes:

  • SecOps Customer Portal
  • ConMon Customer Portal
  • Flexible Managed Service Options (Onboarded, Peering)
  • Automated Security Framework (Infrastructure-as-a-Code)
  • Dedicated ISSO per customer
  • Complete Security Scanning, Threat Management, and Remediation
  • Daily Hygiene, Health-check and Performance reporting
  • Data and Infrastructure Integrity and Availability
  • Container, Opensource and CI\CD pipeline security
  • Managed Security Operations & FedRAMP Continuous Monitoring
  • 24 x 7 Cloud Security Operations Service
  • Ongoing Compliance Management for FedRAMP, FISMA, DoD SRG, 800-171, GDPR, HIPAA and PCI, SOC, CMMC L1-5

Earthling’s ConMon-as-a-Service is now offered in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, VMware, and Google Cloud Platform.



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