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Examsnap Lean Six Sigma Certification Levels and Steps to Earning Each with Practice Tests

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Examsnap Lean Six Sigma is a popular process improvement program, which combines 2 ideas: an assortment of techniques for reducing the amount of time required to provide products and services as well as Six Sigma, which is an assortment of techniques for improving the general quality of services and products, extensively contributing improved customer satisfaction.

Through the Lean Six Sigma certification program, you gain the skills to streamline processes, solve problems, and deliver value to the customers. It is a verified business strategy, which seeks to improve measurable results and enhance the general quality of process outputs by simply identifying and eliminating the causes of errors or defects thereby minimizing variability in any business process. Exam-labs Lean Six Sigma is a recognized business management strategy, which helps the organizations operate more efficiently.

According to many quality improvement experts and business analysts, Lean Six Sigma Certification is currently the most trusted business performance methodology in the entire history of corporate development. Various certification bodies, such as IASSC, offer evenhanded third-party validation of the Lean Six Sigma knowledge through worldwide recognized certificates, which include Yellow Belt, Examsnap Black Belt, and Green Belt. They are aimed at testing and validating the individuals’ knowledge of the concepts within the Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge.

Lean Six Sigma certification levels

All in all, the Lean Six Sigma badges are offered by a number of certifying agencies. Among other certification bodies, IASSC has developed three Lean Six Sigma levels that are based purely on today’s need for the independent and globally recognized credentials. They include the following:

  • Yellow Belt – you can start with this badge and learn the foundational elements by answering 60 questions;
  • Green Belt – you should be well versed in the core and advanced elements and deal with about 100 questions;
  • Black Belt – this is a professional level that requires one’s advanced-level knowledge to clear 150 questions of the test.

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While the Lean Six Sigma certification requirements and processes will vary from one certifying agency to another, the preparation guideline is followed by all the agencies:

  • Step 1: The first step is to identify the appropriate level of certificates (Black Belt, Green Belt, or Yellow Belt) and then study its Examsnap Body of Knowledge. You can take a course from any accredited provider to become fully prepared for the exam. Practice tests, video tutorials, and exam dumps are some of the best study materials that should be used.
  • Step 2: Go through the application process and complete it so you can register for the appropriate Lean Six Sigma exam. You can do it online and there are no prerequisites.
  • Step 3: Lastly, take the test and earn your Lean Six Sigma credential. Please notice that the number of exam questions, cost, and duration usually vary based on the level of certificate.


Any Examsnap Lean Six Sigma certification is an important addition to your resume. It can really speed up your professional career and also boost your salary or pay pocket. That is why don’t miss your chance and earn the one you want now!

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