Exhibition to Honor Jerome Robbins Contribution to the Dance Division

Exhibition to Honor Jerome Robbins Contribution to the Dance Division

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The Library of Performing Arts exhibit

The 75th anniversary of Jerome Robbins Dance Division of The Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center was celebrated this week. To showcase the contribution of the performing art community they have staged an exhibition titled Archive in Motion earlier this month, it will we open till 25 January 2020.

The organizer of the event was Linda Murray, who is the head of the Jerome Robbins Dance Division. The Exhibit will display the history of the organization through important materials in its collection. It will include the artifact from the initial five collections of Genevieve Oswald, who was the founder of the division.

The items were acquired from Isadora Duncan, Ruth St, Denis, Ted Shawn, Doris Humphrey, and Charles Weidman to create a foundation for archive in modern dance. The costumes, set designs and historic dance books from the personal collection of Walter Toscanini were the few pieces of art from the history that was on the showcase.

Importance of dance as an art

It was a journey through the time that the Division has taken and gems of art they have created through this. The audio and video of old events was something special which is scarce to find.

The main attraction of the event was the Doris Humphrey essay the Dance Score of 1936, which emphasizes the need for dance archives to exist. Alexandra Danilova’s red tutu from Swan lake, Agnes DeMille’s costume from Rodeo, tunic and floral crown by Isadora Duncan and many more items, which was a delight for the art-loving audience.

The show as renamed to honor Jerome Robbins, who was one of the greatest supporter of the Dance Division in the year 1999. The organization has a large collection of items related to Jerome Robbins and also has the biggest archive for the history of dance around the globe. The documentation goes back to the year 1453 which represent all styles of dance styles around the world.



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