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Faith International Academy: Supporting Christian Families


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Faith International Academy (FIA) serves primarily to support families in Christian ministry by offering a quality, international, Christian education. FIA’s mission is to enable families to serve the Lord wherever he leads them by providing Christ-centered education that prepares students to live for God in the world. While the world focuses on eroding morals and transient values, FIA sets a Biblical standard that aspires to be a Christ-centered, multiracial academic learning community that inspires staff and students to faithfully follow Christ in the world.

Beginning of FIA

FIA’s history officially began when missionary parents gathered in Manila in March 1956 to look for a school. Faith Academy Manila was established in July 1957 with the help of numerous moms. Additionally, a United Christian Academy in Davao approached Faith Academy Manila to help open a branch in Davao in the early 1980s. In 1987, the current campus of Faith Academy Davao was dedicated. The Davao branch and Mindanao International Christian Academy combined in 2008 to form Faith Academy Mindanao.

In 2013, it was decided that the school was established enough to become legally independent. In 2014, recognition was given, and FIA came into being.

The school’s priority has not changed over the past 40 years; FIA still focuses on providing quality education to parents of Christian ministries. 90% of FIA’s pupils come from these households. The approaches used by FIA (in terms of curriculum, technology, training, etc.) are in line with the most recent recommendations for best educational practices.

Academics: Middle School & High School

Students who are entering middle school in grades 6–8 (ages 11–14) develop their independence by switching between different courses throughout the school day. This helps students become ready for high school while teaching them responsibility and time management. These students take core studies, physical education, and classes on Korean and Filipino culture. Every year, all middle school students go on a weeklong vacation to Luzon for outdoor education, which gives them the chance to bond with one another and develop their cooperation abilities.

In contrast, the high school program for students in grades 9 through 12 (ages 14 to 18) equips students to be global citizens while demonstrating the unwavering love of God wherever they go. The high school curriculum is based on American standards and emphasizes AP and other college-preparatory courses. Every year, high school students take part in outdoor education. Students get the chance to serve and gain first-hand knowledge of Philippine culture because the school week is spent outside of the classroom and in a local community.


Faith International Academy’s high school athletics department includes volleyball, basketball, and soccer for both boys and girls. Along with pushing the participants to perform at their physical peak, the coaches stress the value of strong character, faith, and excellent sportsmanship in the athletic program.

FIA is a member of the International School Athletic Conference (ISAC). During the regular season, FIA students compete against other schools, and at the conclusion of each sport season, team members are chosen to compete in the ISAC tournament, where all seven conference schools come together for a multi-day showdown. The competition is held in several cities across the Philippines. The FIA seasons are as follows because of participation in ISAC competitions:

  • August – October: Boys’ and Girls’ Volleyball
  • October – January: Boys’ Soccer and Girls’ Basketball
  • January – March: Boy’s Basketball and Girls’ Soccer

Students in middle school take part in the sports program as well. They are encouraged to sign up for volleyball tryouts and join the high school teams if they have the athletic ability or advanced talents. When there is sufficient student enthusiasm and coaching talent, a middle school-specific basketball program is run. The high school team’s season schedule is followed by this program as well. Middle school and high school students take part in the same soccer program and train and play together.

Unity & Diversity

It is acknowledged that because of varied backgrounds, certain aspects of social behavior are perceived differently in multicultural schools. FIA’s student body is comprised of children from 13 different countries. FIA’s community members exercise personal liberties with tact and judgment in order to foster community cohesion.

Top Educational Option

Faith International Academy is the top K–12 educational option in Davao City—thanks to its international accreditation, emphasis on teaching kids from families involved in Christian ministry, use of English as a community language, fantastic facilities, athletics, music, drama, and AP courses. FIA exists to prepare students to live for God in His world through a Christ-centered education.

Star Faculty

FIA has a dynamic, diverse missionary faculty of like-minded people who are passionate about educating and encouraging young people from around the world. The staff plays a critical role in the success of students and the ministries it supports. They care about the students and go the extra mile to help them. Small class sizes are the key to quality education!

Covid Challenges

Because of COVID, FIA engaged in online learning for about two years, and students (as well as staff) excelled at utilizing technology to continue developing as lifelong learners who can think critically and creatively to analyze, interpret, evaluate, and synthesize information to solve challenging problems. In Davao City, FIA was the first institution to resume face-to-face instruction as part of a government pilot initiative.


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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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