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climate crisis

The Middle Eastern Green Initiative announced to fight ‘the climate crisis’

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The crown prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in partnership with other countries of the region discussed a plan-of-action to plant 50 billion trees. The initiative is now the world’s largest reforestation program.

Together, towards the sustainable Middle East

Prince Mohammed bin Salman called the leaders of Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, and Sudan to discuss this massive plantation drive in the region. The step has been taken to increase the contribution towards renewable energy and to enhance the efficiency of oil production. Multiple efforts to preserve the marine and coastal environment, and to increase the percentage of natural reserves were also discussed.

Rising desertification due to climate change in the area poses a great threat to the economies of the Middle East. As the largest oil-producing region in the world, the countries aim to contribute to a sustainable life in the future.

The Saudi Green Initiative

The crown prince has initiated ‘Green Saudi’ and ‘Green Middle East’ to combat the problems associated with carbon emissions in the area. The plan aims to reduce emissions by 60% in the region. The initiative aims to grow vegetation cover, preserve marine life reduce land degradation and carbon emissions.

10 billion trees are to be planted to be within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the coming years. Carbon emissions will significantly be reduced by more than 4% of global contributions. This will be achieved by adopting a renewable energy program that would generate 50% of Saudi’s energy needs by 2030.

The Saudi Green Initiative is a part of the crown prince’s vision 2030 to reduce the country’s reliance on oil-generated revenues and increase the quality of life.

This tree plantation is the largest afforestation program in the world, double the size of the ‘Great Green Wall’ which is now the second-largest initiative.

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