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Free Business Education Program

Maryland Smith Offers Free Business Education Program to Maryland Residents, Businesses

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Strategy for Businesses of all sizes. Financial Accounting. Digital Marketing

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has unimaginable, health, psychological, and economic impact on the lives of Maryland residents, especially those managing or working in small and medium-sized businesses. To help Marylanders get back into the workforce and prepare for the new economic and business environment, The University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business has developed an online business program — free to all residents of the state of Maryland.

Maryland Business: Rebooted, starts July 13, 2020, and is designed especially for individuals who have been managing or working in small and medium-sized companies.

The brainchild program

Maryland Smith faculty experts will lead a series of webinars that cover entrepreneurial and business leadership skills in terms of teamwork, developing a company strategy, financial decision making, mitigating financial and cybersecurity risks, making decisions based on data, improving a website and marketing businesses on social media.

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, says Christine Thompson, “has unimaginable health, psychological and economic impact on the lives of Maryland residents, especially those managing or working in small and medium-sized businesses.

“The program may help them pick up their job more effectively, launch a new career, restart or revitalize an existing business, start a new enterprise, or prepare for further education,” says Christine Thompson, Executive Director of Executive Education.

Each of the following modules will consist of three one-hour webinars:

  • Strategy for Businesses of all sizes: Webinars: “Strategy Health Check,” “Rethinking your Strategy” and “Future Robust Planning” (Oliver Schlake, July 13-Sept. 7)
  • Financial Accounting: Key Metrics for Performance Management: Webinars: “The Nature of Accounting and its Relevance for Business,” “Income and Cash Flow Statements” and “Managerial Accounting” (Eugene Cantor, Aug. 10-Oct. 12)
  • Digital Marketing: Targeting the Right Customers, through Social Media and Search: Webinars: “Creating your company’s website for the best customer experience,” “B2B Websites” and “Social Media” (Mary Harms, Sept. 22-Nov. 30)

The topics in the three modules also are sequenced with free “MicroMasters” courses that Maryland Smith already offers on the edX platform. This provides for participants to choose to engage only in the webinars or in both the webinars and corresponding MicroMasters courses.

The sessions will further accommodate and promote participant interaction — to share experiences and exchange ideas. And, Maryland Smith will partner with the Maryland Small Business Development Center to provide business coaching to participating small business owners.

While the MicroMasters courses are delivered via the edX platform, all webinars will be delivered via Zoom. All webinars and approximately 85% of the content of each MicroMasters course is available at no charge to the participants.

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