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Paper Source

Paper Source Offers Virtual Learning Courses to Foster Creativity at Home

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New subscription programs to ease COVID-19 new normal

As the COVID-19 pandemic has pulled customers to new normal, companies are focusing on services that can bring considerable relief at home. Recognized the benefits of offering at-home creativity and learning, Paper Source has introduced new programs for customers to give, live, create and celebrate at-home through virtual learning and subscription box services.

More than paper-scissor crafts

Following the new social distancing norms, Paper Source has provided a solution to kids and adults to engage with their community and find their creativity through Kids Club programming and virtual workshops via Zoom. Today, Paper Source offers kid-focused crafting workshops, previously held in-store, through an exclusive Kids Club subscription box.

As a premier lifestyle brand and gift retailer, Paper Source will provide learning services at home every month. Each subscription box will have supplies needed for curated craft projects. The program includes access to digital how-to videos that correspond with each project in their box.

This will be an opportunity for younger generations to do something creative every day and provide an easy, unintimidating solution to DIY learning at home.

The Kids Club subscription box program is available for kids ages eight and under or nine and older, with each box featuring skill-building projects tailored to meet the needs of the specific age group.  Members of the Kids Club subscription box will also receive creative challenges encouraging them to use their imagination with the tools they are given.

A unique experience

Paper Source applauded how at-home creativity and learning can benefit learners with the success of their live Instagram Craft Happy Hours, an interactive class led by Rebecca focused on DIY projects with materials readily available.  Since then, the brand has developed new curriculums for creative learning at-home with virtual Zoom workshops for both kids and adults. 

Winnie Park, CEO of Paper Source, said “Watching the way participants learn, create and put their own touches on DIY projects has been inspiring and seeing how participants engage with each other as a community is a testament to the success of the program.”

Paper Source offers a wide range of virtual workshops for adults focusing on skills from watercolor to paper crafting. Virtual workshops are held twice a week and participants receive a list of recommended supplies available at Paper Source ahead of time. Each session offers opportunities to engage with instructors directly and to practice skill-building techniques.

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