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Geneva Day

Geneva Day School’s 39th Art Show Displayed Artistic Skills of Kindergartners

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The School encourages art in young kids

The 39th Art Show was celebrated in Geneva Day School. It was turned into an art gallery for the day which showcased the brilliant art pieces of the students who were working on them for a year and few of them were made in specialized art programs.

The Director of the school, Suzanne Funk said, “This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the innate artistic talents of children at all ages and give them an opportunity for expression.”

This is been a highlight of the Geneva Day School educational program. They were able to teach kindergarteners and pre-kindergarteners the way of art by encouraging them to use their imagination and senses to understand the concept of line shapes, color, texture, and spatial relationships. This tradition of art had deepened over the years.

The result is eminent, by the time kids get into kindergarten they can identify repeating patterns in nature and can use this further in creating Native American Indian art themselves. The gallery included dream catcher, drums, necklaces, masks, clay pots, rain sticks, sand creations, and totem poles.

The show was full of innocence and fun

The floor was designed to showcase different eras. The kids wearing their time travel caps were looking sharp as they were exploring and participating in different acts put together by the school.

Modern art included Impressionism, Pointillism, and Mondrian pattern. The art pieces of these kindergarteners were impressive. One of the pieces was actioned in the school’s annual fundraiser.

At the beginning of this month, the school took these kids to a celebratory field trip at the national gallery of arts. They were delighted to see the real art specimen that they were only studying.

Coming back to the art show, the students were turned into tour guides for the visiting family and friends. The confidence at which they explained each and every segment of the art was commendable.

The show was enhanced by beautiful music that was played by some of the current and former crops of the school. The 10-year-old violinist was astonishing, as was given the exposure at an early age. All of them enjoyed a little bit of dance and music at the intermission.

Mrs. Barbra Korb, the Schools Art Specialist said, “Geneva’s art show is a wonderful way to show our respect of and admiration for the children’s creative and unique masterpieces.”

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