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climate change

Humans are the reason for climate change: NASA

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Key Highlights:

  • NASA provides evidence that human-induced global warming is causing climate change
  • Excessive CO2 emissions causing global temperature rise
  • Study shows radiative heating has increased by 0.5 watts per meter-squared between 2002-18

The rising carbon emissions by humans are disturbing Earth’s energy balance. NASA has now provided evidence that indeed we are responsible for climate change. Their new report analyses direct observation from satellites.

Rising global tempratures

Since the industrial revolution, we have constantly been burning fossil fuels. The amount of CO2 in the environment has constantly been increasing ever since. Scientists have known for decades that this unregulated worldwide use of fuels like coal and oil to empower the modern world is heating the earth. Various models based on climate observations were made to understand the effects of global warming. The models observed a massive increase of CO2 in the atmosphere or a rise in ocean water temperature. Such models explain the effects of global warming on the planet.

The report Observational Evidence Of Increasing Global Radiative Forcing was published in the Geophysical Research Letters journal on 25 March 2021. In the released report NASA has proven how humans are responsible for climate change due to global warming. It offers a comprehensive evaluation of the extent to which the presence of anthropogenic greenhouse gases (GHG, including CO2) in the atmosphere is heating up the planet.

What does the data suggest?

The data is based on observations made by satellites during the period of 2003-19 by NASA. It depicts how Earth’s ‘Energy Budget’ has been disturbed by the excessive emission of greenhouse gases. The energy budget is the difference between the amount of solar energy it receives and the amount it reflects back into space.

Over time the radiative heat that was being absorbed by our planet has increased due to the presence of excessive greenhouse gases. The study found out that this radiative heating has increased by 0.5 watts per meter-squared between 2002-18.

So, NASA has finally presented real evidence that global warming is increasing due to irresponsible human activities. This proof corroborates all the other scientific findings that were made over the period of 50 years. UNESCO released ‘The World in 2030 Survey report’ on 31st March 2021, climate change and biodiversity loss were identified ad the biggest challenges of the future.

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