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climate program

ISDC funded for their “Our People Our Climate” Program

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Helping hand in climate change education

The Nunavut Centre now has the funds to train the students who are pursuing a career in environmental studies. It was announced back in July by the Catherine Mckenna, the Federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change, the grant of 200,000 dollars for the Ilinniapaa Skills Development Centre’s (ISDC) project “Our People Our Climate”

Heather Roos, the center’s President, and Lead Instructor said, “This project is looking at what else is happening in the circumpolar Arctic, seeing that yes, climate change is happening, and it is happening to us, but also what could make a difference to us.”

ISDC with its Iqaluit training center and online curriculum provide pre-employment training in resume making, computer operating, workplace health and safety certification, psychological wellness training.

The institute prior has presented different technical courses in environmental studies, which include environmental monitoring for mine remediation and contamination. But “Our People Our Climate” is altogether a different program.

The purpose of the program is teaching the people of Nunavut the effects of climate change in a traditional manner to raise awareness about the environment. The concept is to see how climate change has significantly affected the life of the Inuit and the changes they are bringing in their life to sustain it.

The course is in its final stage of designing

It is designed to be delivered in five different segments on climate change and action that follows. The program will provide adequate learning to develop the skills that can help them to work with the different stakeholders efficiently. The program is available in English and Inuktitut.

The syllabus of the program is being prepared based on the data availed by the research done on the circumpolar Arctic and information given by the organization working along with the institute and the representatives of Inuit.

The money will come out from the Governments Climate Action Fund, which is made to back such initiatives to encourage the preservation of the environment. The program is meant for young people it does not mean others are not welcomed to learn the conservation of the environment.

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