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The University of Queensland to Introduce a Program on Western Civilization

The University of Queensland to Introduce a Program on Western Civilization

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Improve the education of liberal arts

The University of Queensland and Ramsay Centre for Western Civilization signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Sydney (MOU). The Ramsay Centre will fund The University of Queensland’s program of extended major in Western Civilization from the 2020 academic year as per the agreement.

The MOU was signed by the CEO and Chair of the Board of the Ramsay Centre and Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Queensland. The arrangement will draw a plan to set up, run and back it financially in the next eight years.

As per the new agreement, the Ramsay Centre would hire ten experts which will include a director to oversee the education. They will be supported by two qualified faculty groups and 150 top-ranked students who will be getting a scholarship to pursue an academic career in liberal arts.

The Vice-Chancellor and President of the Queensland University, Professor Peter Høj was very happy about this new development said, “Through the generosity of the late Paul Ramsay and his trustees, The University of Queensland will benefit from a level of philanthropic support rarely seen in Australia. With it comes the opportunity to offer a rigorous sequence of the study focused on small-group discussion, a study aboard program and student-centered learning.”

The funding is rare in the field of humanities

The investment in the study of humanities is rare, and this funding is a timely one to support education in this field. This will bring the change and provide a chance to bright students who will study liberal arts and get the skills to cooperate and peruse to bring some meaningful change to society.

The agreement allows The University of Queensland the complete freedom in managing the course content, teaching level, student admissions and other academic and non-academic matters of the program. The program will be made available in two different courses; one will be Bachelor of Advanced Humanities with honors and another one is Bachelor of Humanities with Western Civilization.

Professor Heather Zwicker, faculty of the Humanities and Social Sciences Executive Dean said, “The extended major was a course of study with a focus on the key intellectual movement that has shaped Western Civilization from antiquity to be the current day. The course will be taught in a pluralistic model.”


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