ISEM Fashion Business School: Nurturing a New Generation Leadership in the Fashion Industry

University of Navarra - ISEM Fashion Business School

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Over the last decade, the fashion world has begun to embrace the business world. Today, brands, designers and fashion businesses are finally willing to admit that they need MBAs. If you are a student, looking for MBA in fashion from a quality business school that can help you break into certain highly competitive sectors, then the hunt ends now.

Established in 2001, the ISEM Fashion Business School — University of Navarra is a business school that specializes exclusively in the fashion business. Its MBA program offers students specific management skills and a global vision, vital in today’s job-driven market and, furthermore, in the fashion industry. Unlike other institutions, in ISEM, the term Business is inseparable from Fashion, so no other program is offered that has no relation to this industry. So, students must opt for its Executive Master in Fashion Business Administration because they will obtain a global point of view about the fashion industry.

Offering Comprehensive Range of Programs

Since its inception, ISEM’s mission is to provide the necessary knowledge and tools, in a training environment, for the development of people capable of managing creativity with a sense of social responsibility, ethical motivations, and critical intelligence. To fulfill this mission, the leading business school provides programs that are divided into two segments: General Programs and Strategic Programs.

General Programs: Under this program, the MBA institute offers the Executive Master in Fashion Business Administration (FBA), which is considered as the only official Master specialized in the fashion business in Spain. It is approved by the Minister of National Education and valid for the European Union. Furthermore, ISEM also offers an Advanced Program in Fashion Business Management, aimed at professionals with long experience within the sector. It also provides the Fashion and Creativity Management program, which is a summer course for a junior profile.

Strategic Programs: In this program, ISEM is committed to sustainability and traceability, with the program The Right Product. Digital Fashion Strategy Course aims to consolidate and expand their knowledge and skills through the new tools offered by the digital landscape within the changing fashion universe. Fashion Entrepreneurship 101 is a program aimed at entrepreneurs who want to understand the keys to setting up a successful fashion business. Lastly, Fashion Business IQ: an Insight of the industry (New York) program designed for students to know and understand how fashion companies work in the United States.

These programs are structured by areas focused on the fashion business from a global and general management point of view. The aim of programs is to help students acquire the necessary skills to work in a successful business model. As a result, they will have the potential and skills to stand strong in the competitive world.

Teaching Importance of CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming an increasingly significant movement for businesses national and international. For students pursuing an MBA, it is mandatory to understand this concept and then apply it in the business world. At ISEM, students can learn this concept through subjects such as Business Ethics and Human Behavior. They can also participate in the extracurricular fashion seminars offered by ISEM: “Sustainability in Fashion” and “Reputation in Fashion”.

Providing Effective Teaching and Learning

For students, having good professors can help them in their personal and professional development. Therefore, ISEM has gathered excellent professors from the University of Navarra, the IESE Business School, Fashion Institute of Technology of New York, SDA Bocconi School of Management or the Institut Français de la Mode, among others. It also has employed exceptional professionals in the fashion industry. For effective teaching and learning to take place, students can interact with teachers through their mail or request a face-to-face meeting with them.

Additionally, ISEM provides an ingenious ONE TO ONE program to its students. The program is a personalized accompaniment plan whose aim is to facilitate the professional transition of the student during his academic stage at ISEM.

Admission Criteria

Although top schools definitely want students with a track record of academic success, they are also interested in bringing in students who have the ability to use their academic skills to do great things on campus and throughout their lives. For students who are looking to join this leading business school need to pass its certain criteria. ISEM seeks out students who stand out for their maturity, academic curriculum, professional trajectory, and interpersonal skills. This allows a selection of candidates that contribute to mutual enrichment and to the maximum use of the program. Moreover, the students also need to meet certain requirements such as having a bachelor’s degree, professional experience, and English proficiency.

Notable Awards

Because of its important educational work in Fashion, ISEM has won National Fashion Award. Its MBA has been selected as the best Specialized Business Master in Spain by the Ranking El Mundo and ranked in the fifth position in the international Eduniversal Ranking. Moreover, ISEM Fashion Business School is a member of IFFTI—International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes, a global network of International Fashion and Textile Institutes.

University of Navarra - ISEM Fashion Business School

A Versatile Educator with Extensive Experience

Teresa Sádaba is the Dean at ISEM Fashion Business School, where she also teaches Strategic Communication for Fashion Companies. She holds a Ph.D. in Communication, BA in Journalism and Political Science. Her research is now focused on politics & fashion and new developments of communication. She has won prestigious awards like the Garcilaso Award, the Final Degree in Communication Award and the Extraordinary Doctorate Award.

She is the author of “Framing: Una teoría para los medios de comunicación” (2006), “Framing: El encuadre de las noticias” (2008) or “Moda y Marca España” (2012). Teresa is a professor at the University of Navarra and at the Universitá della Svizzera italiana. She is also visiting professor at the Université Paris XII and George Washington University among others.

Pushing the Boundaries of Education

It is important to include new courses focused on content, which is relevant to current educational standards. Similarly defined by a strong commitment to entrepreneurs in the fashion sector, ISEM aims to create an environment that favors and stimulates the start-up of new companies in the sector. In fact, Atelier by the ISEM project, which is the first FashTech accelerator in Spain, indicates that the business school is moving towards achieving its goal. It was born to help and mentor companies that offer a technological solution that can transform the value chain of fashion companies.

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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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