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Jackson State University: Preparing Students to Become Global Leaders

Jackson State University

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Jackson State University has a distinguished history, rich in the tradition of educating young men and women for leadership, having undergone four name changes as it grew and developed. It all began in 1877, Jackson State University started as the Natchez Seminary, a private church school set up in Natchez, Mississippi by the American Baptist Home Mission Society of New York. In November 1882, the school was moved to Jackson and in March 1899, with the expansion of the curriculum, the seminary was renamed as Jackson College.

Between 1940-1979, Jackson State University made several changes where it also introduced graduate programs and bachelor’s programs in the arts, business, and sciences. Presently, Jackson State University, a public, coeducational institution, is supported by legislative appropriations supplemented by student fees and federal and private grants. Jackson State continues its legacy of academic excellence while it secures its future. On several occasions, the university is consistently ranked amongst the top universities for its innovative programs and development of the knowledge and skills of the students through its academics.

Jackson State University Inspiring Students to Grow, Learn and Reach beyond the Ordinary

The University believes in producing technologically-advanced, diverse, ethical, global leaders who think critically, address societal problems, and compete effectively. The environment at Jackson State University inspires students to grow, learn, and reach beyond the ordinary. It is a “home away from home” where every student can find their place. The team in Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment is committed to assisting prospective students and their families through the acceptance and enrollment process by providing essential information to help students successfully transition into the university.

Jackson State University started with a vision to build on its historic mission of empowering diverse students to become leaders. To adhere to this mission, it is recognized as one of the most challenging, yet nurturing, state of the art technologically-infused intellectual communities. Further, it motivates students and faculty to engage in creative research, participate in interdisciplinary and multi-instructional/organizational collaborative learning teams and serve the global community.

A Great Leader Guiding the Students

William B. Bynum Jr., President at Jackson State University, a higher education professional with more than 28 years of experience, was unanimously selected to be the 11th President of Jackson State University by the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning Board on May 31, 2017. Before joining the Jackson State University family, Bynum served as president of Mississippi Valley State University for four years.

Additionally, he has served the vice president for Enrollment Management and Student Services at Morehouse College. Bynum states, “Jackson State University is one of the premier Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in the nation. Since becoming president of this great institution, my top goal has been to make JSU one of the most student-centered universities in the country.” At JSU, we pride ourselves on our legacy of excellence.

Our school was founded in 1877 to educate Mississippi’s newly freed slaves. One hundred and forty-two years later, we have graduated thousands of diverse, astute and ambitious students from all walks of life.

Increasing the Engagement between Different Cultures

Over the last decade, the global education system has morphed because of globalization. This has resulted in unleashing the unlimited possibilities for students to attain an education. But it has also made the world economy increasingly competitive and more knowledge-based. To meet these requirements, Jackson State University introduced student and faculty exchange activities, international research collaborations and teaching of cultural-linguistic competencies. With an enrollment of over 7,000 students, it provides students from more than 50 foreign countries and nearly all of Mississippi’s 82 counties with the academic opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills to succeed.

Appreciating the Students with Scholarships

Scholarships and achievement grants are awarded to deserving students based on scholastic merit and financial need. It offers as an integral part of the recipient’s total financial aid package. The scholarship committee at the college determines the policies concerning the scholarships. The amount of each award is determined by the scholarship or grant category. These awards will not exceed the “cost of attendance” at the University. For individual students with scholarships from multiple sources, awards from sources will be applied to the student’s “Financial Aid Budget” first and the institutional award(s) will be applied last. This policy will not supersede any Federal, State, NCAA, or Athletic conference regulations. Application for academic scholarships may be requested from Undergraduate Admissions.

Advance Online Degree Program

Over the next few years, Jackson State University aims to increase its research activities for further improvement in programs. It also plans to enroll more students with its distance learning program. Jackson State University’s online degree program and general education courses are tailor-made, especially for those students who have time constraints. The main goal is to utilize distance learning to provide quality instruction to traditional and nontraditional students without the limitations of geographical boundaries and space. Students enrolled in online and blended courses or online degree programs are provided with resources equivalent to those offered to regular students. Students can earn a quality education and work toward achieving their long-term career goals at their convenience.

Tailor-made Program for the Students

The programs provided by the University are developed in such a manner that it is relevant to the current market and environment around the world. Our programs allow industry partners to connect with JSU Career Services for recruitment drives. Moreover, the faculty at the university are handpicked according to the level of experiences and knowledge in the respective field. To make the program more relevant and burden-free, the academic year is divided into two semesters with a minimum of sixteen weeks each. In addition to the two semesters of the academic year, the University offers a ten-week summer session divided into two five-week terms during the summer. Students are admitted each semester and summer term. Furthermore, HBCUs specifically provide cooperative training in work engagement and how to thrive as a community rather than competitive entities.

Opportunities for Students

Jackson State University has assembled an amazing group of people throughout its four campuses, including some of the best students in the nation and a world-class faculty and staff. With over 7,000 students, Jackson State is the fourth largest institution of higher learning and the largest HBCU in Mississippi. It welcomes the opportunity and challenge of providing the best education possible for the people who choose to study at Jackson State University. To be part of the amazing journey with Jackson State University, students need to have a track record of academic performance with continuous improvement over time. A student should also have a mind for critical thinking where he believes in giving back to society.

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