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Kettering College

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With healthcare being one of the fastest-growing sectors, health education and courses have excellent graduate employability rates due to the high demand. As a result, healthcare has become a highly sought-after career choice for students worldwide. It has also become prevalent and crucial in the present scenario to understand the underlying implications and preventions of new diseases.

Today, various educational institutions are offering comprehensive study programs for a rewarding and valued profession in the future. A pristine instance of an educational institution offering a promising career in healthcare is Kettering College. The college has simultaneously developed with the changing scenario by creating more opportunities to earn degrees that are in demand. The college offers numerous opportunities in healthcare careers for graduates.

Empowering Students to “Do Their Absolute Best”

Located on a suburban campus near Dayton, Ohio, Kettering College is a co-ed college. The college and its owner, Kettering Medical Center, was founded by Eugene W. Kettering (Founder), son of inventor Charles F. Kettering, and his wife Virginia W. Kettering. Eugene donated 35 acres of family property for the medical center and a future college.

Kettering College is chartered by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. In 1967, more than 100 students enrolled in the college’s first freshmen class. Currently, the college has more than 800 students who intend to make a better world through the healing of others. Its goal is to help students do their absolute best during their time at the campus. The college emphasizes fostering an enjoyable, productive, and mission-based learning experience. At Kettering, students are offered personal and professional growth with an academically rigorous curriculum.

Array of Study Programs

Kettering College offers an array of study programs. These include certificate programs, two-year associate of science degrees, bachelor’s degrees, a master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies, and a doctorate degree in Occupational Therapy.

Kettering College provides the following programs:

  • Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences in Healthcare Management or Pre-Occupational Therapy
  • Bachelor of Science in Human Biology
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Occupational Therapy Doctorate
  • Master of Physician Assistant Studies
  • Associate degree in Radiologic Technology
  • Associate degree in Nuclear Medicine

Additionally, the college also offers certificates in advanced imaging including Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Vascular Interventional Technology (VIT), or Cardiovascular Interventional Technology (CIT).

The programs offered by Kettering evolve and change accordingly to meet the needs of traditional and non-traditional students by having a combination of online and in-person classes. Additionally, the college consistently modernizes its programs by remaining innovative and using state-of-the-art equipment.

Vibrant and Supportive Campus Life

The main campus in Kettering, Ohio is shared by the Kettering College and the Charles F. Kettering Memorial Hospital. In 2015, Kettering College expanded to include a second facility in Greene County for the Occupational Therapy Doctoral program. The main Kettering College campus buildings include classrooms, laboratories, libraries, the Residence Hall, lounges, gymnasium, auditoriums, cafeteria, laundry, computer facilities, and other offices and services related to academic and professional life. The campus is accessible from Interstate 75 and the Dayton International Airport. Shopping centers and other services are close to the main Kettering College campus.

At the campus, students work hard to create a vibrant, supportive community and engaging experiences where students can develop and thrive. The college offers a wide array of activities, Christian service opportunities and experiences designed to help them get involved and grow as student leaders, both on campus and off. Moreover, events are updated on a monthly basis.

The faculty-student ratio differs according to the department. Despite being a small college with a minimal number of students, Kettering ensures to treat each student with equal importance and significance. Moreover, the college uses innovative equipment and teaching techniques. During its programs, it works with the top hospital networks in the area and their facilities so that students do their internships and are familiar with the modern practices respectively.

Ingenious Healthcare Marketer at the Core

At the helm of Kettering College, Courtney Dove spearheads as the Director of Public Relations and Marketing and contributes profoundly to the success of the college. Courtney has earned a master’s degree in public relations and a bachelor’s degree in communications.

Throughout her career, she has served over 5 years in higher education in several capacities. Additionally, she has worked in healthcare marketing for more than 3 years. Speaking of her time at Kettering, Courtney says, “I have enjoyed serving as the Director here and since I have become the Director, the marketing department has doubled in size.”

Actively Seeking and Celebrating Diversity

Being an institution of higher education and guided by Christian principles, Kettering College actively seeks, values, and celebrates individuals from diverse backgrounds and beliefs. The college believes that the rich diversity among its students, faculty and staff greatly enhances the educational experience and produces innovative, superior graduates who are passionate about service and providing high-quality, whole-person care.

The Diversity and Inclusion Officer at Kettering College serves as a resource for any individual or group. This may include advising and consulting with students and student groups on issues related to Diversity and Inclusion on the college campus. Additionally, the college is excited to celebrate and highlight diversity on several levels throughout the academic years.

Offering Proliferative Plans in Future

In Fall 2022, Kettering College launched a new track for its nursing program. The college is offering a new, Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (A-BSN) track beginning in Fall 2022 that will allow students to complete their degree in four semesters. The full-time, 15-month track is ideal for college graduates seeking a career change.

Additionally, the college is expanding its faculty, staff, and classroom/study spaces to accommodate 32 A-BSN students per year. Academic advisors will provide coaching and support to ensure students stay on target with their coursework and receive the support they need to complete the program. For the A-BSN track, applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in any major and have completed six prerequisites, including pathophysiology, statistics, developmental psychology, chemistry, microbiology (with a lab), and anatomy & physiology I and II (both with a biology lab). Students enter the program with 56 credits for the previous bachelor’s degree and prerequisites and earn an additional 69 credits through classes, labs, and hands-on clinical rotations. Moreover, tuition will be the same as for other BSN tracks at Kettering College.

Note to Students:

Note to Students: Kettering College

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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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