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Kimberly Cline: Embodying Paramount Leadership in the Educational Landscape

Kimberly Cline

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Currently, there are numerous educational institutions found in every nook of the world. With a plethora of options to choose from, students must opt for the ones which best suits their career prospects and provide favorable curriculum to garner their academic needs. It is the duty of leaders to ensure and incorporate educational values and their prevalence in and around the institutions and pivot them towards academic excellence.

Immensely contributing towards prodigious academics and educational values, Kimberly Cline (President of Long Island University) embodies paramount leadership. Under her guidance, the university has been imparting high-quality education and providing impactful educational opportunities.

Throughout her career, Kimberly has fulfilled various roles, including university attorney, professor, chief financial officer, chief operating officer, and many more. Her diverse experience has been an asset since she has been exposed to various leadership positions across the entire university enterprise, including SUNY System, with 64 campuses and a $10 billion budget.

Imparting Knowledge with Insightful Motto

Long Island University was founded in 1926 in Brooklyn, New York and is situated merely three blocks away from the Brooklyn Bridge. Recognizing the educational needs of the growing number of families moving to the suburbs, the university expanded to the 330-acre estate of Marjorie Merriweather Post, on Long Island’s Gold Coast in 1951. The university’s motto—Urbi et Orbi meaning “To the City and to the World.”—implies that it serves the communities in which it is located, while educating its students to be global citizens. LIU operates on the goal of building ‘the University of the Future’, with academic rigor, engaged learning, and a vibrant campus life.

Foundational knowledge being a key to success in life, LIU ensures that its students graduate with all of the fundamental qualities, including a strong liberal arts and sciences core. Situated in the heart of Brooklyn and on Long Island, Long Island University is home to a diverse student body hailing from all corners of the world. It fosters an inclusive campus community and hosts student organizations and clubs which celebrate diversity.

The university is in a constant and deliberate state of transformation, while strengthening as a leading national teaching and research university. It has been recognized by various renowned organizations as one of the leading educational institutions. For instance, the university was recognized by Forbes in 2021 as a top 10 transformational achiever in the country. Applications, SAT scores, and graduation rates continue to rise as Long Island University expands in-demand programs and research productivity. The university also maintains affordability by capping tuition increases and offering nearly 100 million dollars in scholarship and financial aid.

Catering to Evolving Educational Landscape

The career landscape is rapidly evolving thanks to the technological revolution, and universities must match that evolution by offering up-to-date programs that will help students get jobs in high-demand markets,” asserts Kimberly. Pursuing this very motive, Long Island University has been redefining higher education by introducing innovative new programs which align perfectly with modern interests.

The Roosevelt School offers an exceptional program in international relations and diplomacy in times when proficient world leaders are need of the hour. The Roc Nation School of Music, Sports and Entertainment offers students unique opportunities to learn from Roc Nation’s elite roster of entertainers and executives in the expanding media landscape of New York City.

The College of Veterinary Medicine joined Cornell, Tufts and the University of Pennsylvania is one of only four veterinary schools in the Northeast, and 33 vet schools across the nation. It aims at educating the next generation of veterinarians amid a national increase in pet ownership. The Global Service Institute is inspiring community service around the world when the need for dedicated volunteers has never been greater.

The university cultivates the value of aspiring college students. Since 2014, it has upheld annual tuition rate increases to 2%—far below the regional and national averages. Due to LIU’s commitment to ensuring affordability to students, the university has successfully strengthened its four-year graduation rates as more students graduate on-time with less debts. 

A Plethora of Diverse Opportunities

Long Island University provides various educational opportunities and prospectives to the students. The university students can have access to complimentary tutoring services, career counseling and workshops through its LIU Promise initiative. Under the innovative program, students are paired with a success coach to guide them through their student tenure at the university. Students can meet with their career coach for advice and guidance while building a network and finding mentors. Additionally, they also have access to premier NCAA Division I athletics programs, student-run clubs, student-run businesses, and exceptional faculty who guide them toward internships and networking opportunities.

Leading on Technological Forefront

Remarking technological advancements, Kimberly states, “Many of the jobs in the next decade have not been invented. Long Island University is a leader in technological innovation across every industry.” The university developed its Digital Health Institute and partnered with Fortune Future 50 Company, Dassault Systems—a global leader in the 3D technology and digital engineering—to train healthcare students in the applications of artificial intelligence in the medical field.

Additionally, the university has successfully established a thriving relationship with one of the renowned tech companies of the world, Apple, by launching Browse—an Apple-authorized campus store that serves as an all-purpose tech center—and launching digital campus IDs that allow students, faculty and staff to use campus amenities with just a tap of their iPhone, Apple Watch and other devices. The university has also built state-of-the-art laboratories and has recruited an elite faculty who has secured prestigious grants to conduct disruptive research. Furthermore, the university has also equipped all the classrooms with latest smart technology to embark the most effective modern learning environment.

Coveted Career Prospects

With time, the educational sector has undergone dramatic changes. Students pose as the better educated consumers, seeking a degree which will provide them successful and rewarding careers. In a thriving world where employment is a necessity, internships are not options but a must’. LIU’s pensive location in NYC offers internships throughout the year. At LIU, it is not unusual for academically competitive students to pursue several internships at a time, and the ones with profuse experience generally secure top positions as early as their junior years.

The university offers coveted internship opportunities and is recognized for developing alumni who thrive in the professional and entrepreneurial landscape and the graduates consistently excel in fields such as business, health care, education, finance and arts. Due to its promising career prospects, LIU has been ranked under various acclamations such as best national university by US News & World Report, best business schoolby the Princeton Review, best college for post-graduate salary by GradReports, top-30 national musical theatre program by OnStage Blog, and top 10 hot colleges in the making under innovative management by Forbes.

Striving Towards Excellence in Future

Kimberly envisions a radiant future for LIU as the university continues to transform the higher education landscape through years to come. She asserts that LIU’s innovative new academic programs provide students with significant opportunities to become the next generation of leaders. The university strives to continue conducting groundbreaking research, employ cutting-edge technology, and tackle ambitious projects as a national teaching and research institution.

Kimberly Cline

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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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