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Lisbon MBA Católica

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MBA programs were historically a rite of passage that corporate professionals saw as a gateway to promotion within structured organizations. Over the years, the global management environment has evolved to cater to the changing demand as businesses and markets have experienced radical changes. The Lisbon MBA Católica | Nova is keeping up with these evolutions to ensure that its graduates upgrade their management skillset to meet the demand of the current market—with a strategic thinking and innovative mindset—complemented by tech-related competencies and a principled leadership approach to tackle challenges in a disruptive and complex global business environment.

A Distinctive MBA Experience

The Lisbon MBA Católica | Nova is a joint venture between two top European Business Schools—Catolica-Lisbon and Nova SBE—in collaboration with MIT Sloan. The program provides students with an excellence-driven, complete, and distinctive MBA experience defined by its holistic approach with a focus on action learning in a global environment, taking place in one of the most dynamic and entrepreneurial European capitals, Lisbon, a diverse, tolerant and cosmopolitan city. The program also stands out for its highlight on entrepreneurship and technological innovation courses complemented by the Immersion Program at MIT Sloan, Boston.

The International MBA and the Executive MBA are the two MBA programs offered by the Lisbon MBA Católica | Nova.

The International MBA Program, among the best 100 MBAs in the world and one of the top 25 in Europe according to the FT rankings (Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2021) and number 1 in the world in International Course Experience for the 4th consecutive year.  It is a 12-month full-time MBA for high-potential professionals with a minimum of 3 years of work experience (average 8), who aim to boost or change their career paths focusing exclusively on a transformational experience. It includes a 1-month Immersion program at MIT Sloan (Boston, US) and 2 months of Action Learning, where students they can choose between an International Consulting Lab, an In-Company Assignment or the Entrepreneurial Hub, for students that want to develop their own start up.

The Executive MBA Program, also ranked among the top 100 EMBAs in the world by the FT, is a 22-month part-time program aimed at successful professionals with a minimum of 5 years of work experience (average 13), who seek to progress to senior management positions or change their career path, with minimal disruption to their professional and personal life. It includes a 1-week Immersion program at MIT Sloan (USA) and Exchange Programs with other top MBA’s around the world.

Both of these MBA’s share the value proposition of the Lisbon MBA Católica | Nova that is built on 5 strategic pillars—A Truly Global Experience, A Holistic Approach, Outstanding Action Learning, Meaningful Career Advancement, and the Lisbon, a Diverse Entrepreneurial City.

Making a Positive and Lasting Impact

The Lisbon MBA Católica | Nova seeks a diverse group of high potential candidates who share the programs’ mission and values, want to push themselves and challenge the boundaries. Professionals who are not satisfied with the status quo and are eager to drive and inspire change with purpose. The ideal candidates at the Lisbon MBA Católica | Nova value collaboration, integrity, and respect for others. They are willing to support and enhance their colleagues progress fostering a shared learning experience with their peers.

Alongside the academic ability to master analytical and quantitative concepts, the Lisbon MBA Católica | Nova is looking for candidates who bring a variety of skills, accomplishments and aspirations to the classroom. In essence, the Lisbon MBA Católica | Nova seeks applicants from all over the world with exceptional intellectual and behavioral abilities to thrive during the program and make a positive and lasting impact on people, organizations and communities.

Continuous Search for Excellence and Innovation

The COVID-19 pandemic struck the educational sector with numerous challenges. The Lisbon MBA responded to the crisis in an agile way in collaboration with students and faculty—ensuring the continuity of all programs with minimal disruption. The entire community (schools, faculty, students, alumni, and management team) stepped up to support the program, going online only when it was necessary to comply with COVID regulations.

Despite moving to an online format, students attended the classes as scheduled and the Lisbon MBA Católica | Nova has already welcomed students back to the campus – face to face teaching and experiential learning characterize and differentiate this MBA. There is a great focus on the continuous search for excellence and innovation and the programs are regularly updated to strengthen their differentiated value.

A Sustainable, Digital, and Global Experience

The Lisbon MBA Católica | Nova envisions offering programs that deliver the latest knowledge and skills that anticipate and respond to the most current needs of companies and organizations. Its MBA programs are designed to meet the current demand for ideas and solutions to match the new business landscape—where sustainability and digital technologies will be at the heart of the conversation. Students have the opportunity to customize their MBA and choose elective courses related to their interests and career goals.

Today, having a global mindset is more important than ever. These MBAs offer numerous ways for students to broaden their perspectives. The Lisbon MBA takes pride in offering a truly global experience. Besides the amazing opportunity to study at MIT Sloan in Boston, the Lisbon MBA Católica | Nova’s students have the option to work on multiple international projects as well.

Cultivating the Leaders of Today

The pandemic accelerated the changes that were already in motion in the business world and higher business education. The most notable shift overall has been the transition away from focusing uniquely on shareholders and taking into account the needs and aspirations of every stakeholder in a business—particularly employees, clients, and the broader community. Companies thus need strong managers who have the finesse necessary to balance profitability with corporate social responsibility. The MBA programs at the Lisbon MBA Católica | Nova develop those talents.

Additionally, one of the main leadership skills required today is principled leadership. Today’s leaders need to show vision and strategic thinking. They must be authentic, empathic, resilient, and proactive—not only in their training but also in the way they reach their teams. Moreover, they must take a more human approach to communicate clearly and respond appropriately to challenges to meaningfully impact business and society.

In the era of digital transformation, leaders need to be tech-savvy to gain a better understanding of technological evolutions and enhance their capacity to take strategic decisions for business development in the 4.0 Economy. The Lisbon MBA Católica | Nova is committed to delivering on all these promises courtesy of the learning methods deployed in both of its MBA programs.

Back on Track

The higher education market tends to evolve countercyclically with global markets due to numerous reasons. When economies slow down due to challenges, workers see an incentive in investing in upgrading their skills. In times of deep crisis—which are also moments of great change—the MBA programs with proven impact such as the programs at the Lisbon MBA Católica | Nova become more appealing to professionals who want to develop a clear vision and career path.

2020 was a positive year for the Lisbon MBA as both its MBA programs grew compared to the previous year. Both classes are very diverse in terms of nationality, gender, and background. For instance, the International MBA program had close to 60% international students, representing 16 nationalities—in the class that started in January 2021.

The Lisbon MBA Católica

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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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