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The Lisbon MBA: Developing Students’ Full Potential to Become Global Leaders

The Lisbon MBA Catolica

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As a student, it is vital to understand the importance and the reason why you need to pursue an MBA. In an unrelenting changing global environment, business schools are instrumental in guiding you to become the kind of leaders that organizations need to manage in VUCA times. If you are a student looking for education in MBA, an MBA education will provide you with a set of competencies and skills that will prepare you as a leader helping you to face current and future challenges and keeping abreast of modern business trends.

Incepted in 2007, The Lisbon MBA Católica|Nova is an internationally recognized joint-venture between two top European Business schools based in Portugal, Católica-Lisbon and Nova SBE, in partnership with MIT Sloan School of Management. It is committed to developing students’ full potential to become global leaders to compete successfully and contribute to a better world, by providing them with a unique learning experience in an entrepreneurial and international environment.

Customized MBA Programs: A Methodology Based On Action-Learning

The Lisbon MBA Católica | Nova offers two Programs, the Lisbon MBA International Program and The Lisbon MBA Executive Program. It is supported by a rigorous academic component from three top business schools, truly global experience and a holistic approach to education, with a methodology based on action-learning. The program integrates hands-on experiential learning opportunities throughout the curriculum. Capped classes guarantee a personal learning environment. Here, students are offered numerous elective courses to customize the MBA and equip them with the right mindset and toolsets for excelling in the complex and ever-changing business environment.

  • The Lisbon MBA International program is a 12-month accelerated full-time program for high-potential professionals with a minimum of 3 years of work experience, who aim to boost or change their career paths focusing exclusively on a transformational experience.
  • The Lisbon MBA Executive Program is a 21-month part-time program in business administration, aimed for successful professionals with a minimum of 5 years of work experience, who want to boost or change their career paths, with a minimum disruption of their professional and family life.

A True Global Experience with Elite World-Renowned Faculty

There are many colleges and universities around the world which are providing MBA. But there are only a few of them that focus on providing a unique MBA learning experience. Students who aspire to study at The Lisbon MBA Católica | Nova get exposure to a truly global experience. It is the only one MBA in Europe that offers an Immersion Program at the MIT Sloan in addition to other optional learning experiences in Asia and Latin America, exposing the students with culturally different business environments. Moreover, it will provide you with an elite world-renowned faculty from three top business schools, Católica-Lisbon, Nova SBE and MIT, and an international class cohort to get a top-notch global education. Furthermore, besides gaining state-of-the-art technical skills, you will be immersed in a transformational journey with a strong focus on deep skills development that encompasses individual coaching and mentoring to develop self-awareness and leadership growth.

Creating a Learning-Sharing Community

Maria José Amich is Executive Director of The Lisbon MBA and her professional background is a reflection of the attitude of openness to the world, to diversity, to continuous learning, with a multifaceted and enriching career in terms of experience. She had the opportunity to work in different sectors, countries, and organizations, from multinational corporations to large and medium-sized family companies, including startups, working and growing in different business cultures, both in Portugal and abroad.

She is passionate about management, education, and entrepreneurship. A few years back, she founded WomenWinWin, an association that aims to create a learning-sharing community of women entrepreneurs, she is a founding partner in PWN Lisbon, an international professional women network and she became member of the board of directors of FAE – a forum of company directors and board members in Portugal.

Some Basic Requirements from the Aspirants

The Lisbon MBA aspirants must fulfill some basic requirements set by the admissions team. The program is looking for candidates with intellectual curiosity, a collaborative and open-minded spirit, with strong analytical strength and a drive for innovation and creativity to solve complex problems.

Moreover, The Lisbon MBA demands integrity, respect, compassion, and ethics which are crucial for becoming a global leader and change-maker, using the potential to inspire teams and people in future roles and leading purposeful organizations. In a nutshell, The Lisbon MBA is looking for applicants from all over the world with exceptional intellectual and behavioral abilities that are capable to make a meaningful change in the business context and in society.

Faculty Providing a Unique Transformational Learning Experience

At the Lisbon MBA, the role of the teacher, much beyond teaching at a classroom, is becoming mentors of students, guiding, challenging and inspiring them through a unique transformational learning experience, supporting students’ self-awareness and leadership skills development. They foster team work spirit, out-of-the-box approach to problem-solving, through practical workshops, role playing and real business case discussions. The fact that classes are composed of 40-50 students enhances greater interaction with faculty and also among classmates, enriching end elevating the debate and individual and collective learning. Also, after the MBA conclusion, students become part of the dynamic The Lisbon MBA Alumni Club and MIT Fellow Alumni community, a strong network of professional and personal connections that enhances a life-long learning environment.

Emphasizing On Leaders Who Serve Society

With so many changes happening worldwide, it is important to contribute towards society. As a part of this endeavour, The Lisbon MBA lays emphasis on the importance to develop transformational leaders that are capable of having a meaningful impact on business and society anywhere in the world. It aims to create leaders that not only focus on creating value, through growth and profitability, but leaders who serve society, promoting continuous, inclusive and sustainable progress. So, the programs at The Lisbon MBA allow students to develop in-depth knowledge around subjects they personally value, including Business Ethics & Sustainability, Impact Investments, and a specific Seminar on Global Compliance and Ethical Issues.

The Lisbon MBA Catolica

Digital and Entrepreneurship focus to the Programs

In the digital transformation we are living, The Lisbon MBA program also focuses in technological competencies for students to be prepared as active agents of digital transformation in their business and organizations. Disciplines that are linked to Business Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics, Innovation Management, Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures and Design Thinking, among others, are offered as part of the curriculum.

Also, an entrepreneurial mindset is key to drive innovation within companies. Thus, apart from the intensive program focused in entrepreneurship and innovation in the MIT Immersion Program, students have the opportunity to develop their own entrepreneurial venture in an accelerator or participate in an integrative entrepreneurship discipline. Moreover, Lisbon is part of the elite hub of entrepreneurial cities in the world, with a strong and dynamic environment of start ups, holding annually the most important event in technology and entrepreneurship, the Web Summit that brings together more than 2000 startups, 1.200 investors, 1.500 international speakers and gathered last year more than 70.000 participants from all over the world. Lisbon is a great place to live, grow and learn.

Ranked Amongst the Best MBA Schools in the World

In 2020, The Lisbon MBA– Católica | Nova, is considered amongst the best 100 MBA’s in the world by the Financial Times Global MBA ranking 2020 and number one in the world in International Course Experience for the 3rd consecutive year, increasing its position to become the 22nd best MBA in Europe and proud of its long-standing partnership with MIT Sloan School of Management, ranked the 6th best MBA in the world.

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