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Livestock can Improve Immune System in Babies Suggest the New Research

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Research shows that living near the livestock at an early age can Improve Immune System and give us a stronger immunity. The Ohio State University, the researchers were able to prove that early exposure to a wide range of environmental bacteria can strengthen our immune system. The experiment was conducted in the area of Amish, which showed that the bacteria and other microbes in the intestine of the rural babies are far more diverse than babies in the urban sector in a good way.

The study’s co-lead author and a professor of microbiology in Ohio States Department of Animal Sciences and a member of the University’s Food Innovation Center, Zhongtang Yu said, “Good hygiene is important, but from the perspective of our immune systems, a sanitized environment robs our immune system of the opportunity to be educated by microbes. Too lean is not necessarily a good thing.”

The feces sample was collected from ten babies from Ohio only, in which five were from Amish, which is predominantly a rural area, where people love to have farm animals. The other five babies were from urban areas of Ohio, far from any contact of livestock.

The test proves It

The test result showed that there is a large number of microbes and beneficial bacteria present in the intestine of the babies from the Amish than the babies from the urban areas. The scientist expected this, as these babies were more in contact with the livestock as per the lifestyle of Amish.

This difference can ultimately affect the body’s ability to fight against infection and allergies. To find out how these countless numbers of microorganisms in the human intestine that helps to fight different kinds of diseases, they transplanted the fecal sample from the babies to the intestine of newly born pigs.

The scientists were able to link the diverse Amish gut microbes and good development of immune cells, especially lymphoid and myeloid in the intestine. But they need to come up with a better process to use this information to improve the human immune system.



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