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Love and Food Needed 400+ Cats Got Even More

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More than a ton and half of the emergency foods donated to cats in dire need

There are debates going on around capitalism, imperialism, and colonialism all day but the truth is humans sometimes exploit animals by not taking care of them. A recent example can be seen in an area of Eugene, Ore. where more than 400 cats had been discovered living in deplorable conditions at a home. Various animal welfare organizations have shown empathy and promised to take care of them. At an instant, American Humane, the country’s first national humane organization and Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food, has reached out to fulfill their instant need for food.

A ton of love and food

American Humane and Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food delivered 3,400 pounds of nutritious free pet food to more than 400 cats as they needed desperately. Both companies delivered the lifesaving donation (a ton and a half of cat food) to assist local efforts by Save the Pets and others to help the hundreds of animals roaming a property (at Eugene) whose elderly owner had been taken to the hospital. Some of the cats were reported to be feral and many were starving.

Magically cared as a ton of love, the delivery is part of a national effort by American Humane and Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food to distribute more than a million meals of premium, all-natural Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food to animals in need at U.S. shelters and other facilities each year.

“This campaign provides help where it is needed most,” said Robin Ganzert, Ph.D., president, and CEO of American Humane“On behalf of all the animals who will be helped by this effort, we thank our friends at Chicken Soup for the Soul.”

Save animals and nature campaigns are going all over the world. Slowly but effectively people started re-believing living close to animals creates natural-harmony.




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