Vertical Forest

Africa’s First Vertical Forest to Breath All Pollution

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We are the bearers of our own failures. Whenever we try to live with our development carrying evil intentions around them, we suffer the worst at the end. For instance, the cities we built for our prosperity turned into polluted-choked ones. And now we came to the threshold where we may have no chance of return. Thanks to the ‘Vertical Forest’ concept, the hope remains.

We do mistakes, learn things, and correct them at our best. In the future, cities with skyscrapers would breathe fresh air by covering them with trees and plants. The green societies will be designed in a way to absorb all the toxins humans have injected so far. The so-called ‘Vertical Forest’ will absorb carbon dioxide, filter dust from pollution, and produce oxygen. Businesses may have chopped the precious trees from the forests but the solution for sustainable development has never been stopped knocking- and pretty much everyone has involved taking a stand.

Egypt and Italy unite to build African green city 

Vertical forest
Stefano Boeri Architects

Green activist Italian designer Stefano Boeri is planning to bring the first Vertical Forest in the deserted and barren region of Cairo. The project of constructing three buildings will involve trees and plants that are pollution absorbing. Although Stefano Boeri Architetti, Boeri’s Italy based company has built vertical forests all over the world, this project climbs above all. The green development will also bring two other talented designers- Shimaa Shalaash, an Egyptian designer, and an Italian architect of landscapes, Laura Gatti.

The triad 7 story buildings are planned to be shaped like a cube, filled with real forest. The buildings are supposed to be filled with around 350 trees along with 14,000 shrubs from around 100 species. While one building would function as a hotel, the other two would be used as green habitats.
This planned city would also reinforce with rare plant species that are the rich-oxygen producer. Since Cairo is struggling with overpopulation and pollution at the same time, this project seems to be a viable solution. The forestry would provide shelter to several insects and birds looking for a home.

To improve cities and health

Vertical Forest
To improve cities and health

Without trees and plants, the windows and dark exterior would trap a lot more heat. But living among the plants may give you a sense of peacefulness. Green buildings are fresher and ventilated, especially at certain times of the day. The temperature difference on the facade is lower under the shadow of the trees which is around 30 to 35 degrees in summer. Architects believe that it’s one of the most efficient ways to tackle climate change.

A lesson from China’s vertical forest

Vertical Forest
A lesson from China’s vertical forest

Southwestern China’s Sichuan concrete jungles with manicured gardens on every balcony might sound like a dream in the hustle and bustle of city life. But not when mosquitoes love the plants too. Only about 10 families have moved into this ‘vertical forest’ and the rest are overrun by plants and infested by mosquitoes. The project was built in 2018 where all 826 apartments were sold out since they were put on the market. However, only a handful of families have moved in. Without any tenants to care for the plants some balconies have been ‘swallowed’ entirely. Also, some of the first nests, butterflies, and bumblebees have been observed after a few months of construction.

It’s predicted that by 2030 more than 60% of people will live in cities. To multiply the number of green surfaces in cities, architects are designing affordable vertical forests in many different parts of the world including China, Mexico, Europe, and more. These cost-effective social housings are the most agreed possible perspective on the architecture of the future

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