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luster's mosaic

Luster’s Mosaic Sculpture Creates Life-Sized Art In Real-Time From Hashtags

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Smile and snap. Tag and post. Print and place.

Technology is getting more and more harmonious in terms of connecting people. For instance, Instagram tagging hashtags are becoming fashionable and inspirational at the same time to spread words for something good. A big piece of pie here is Hashtag Printers, a newly introduced unique technology that can create three-dimensional pictures in real-time. Namely, Luster’s Mosaic Sculpture 3D arts are posted on social media based on individual hashtagged pictures.

The first Mosaic Sculpture represents NASA’s upcoming Artemis missions. This fifteen feet art with Artemis logo depicts the mission of the first woman and the next man to the Moon by 2024. Currently displayed at the 2019 International Astronautical Congress in Washington, DC, the sculpture will feature over three thousand photographs submitted by people globally; symbolizing that everyone is part of the Artemis Generation.

Michael Lipton, co-founder, and CEO of Luster said that NASA inspires us to push boundaries and reimagine what’s possible. “Our sculptures are unique, high-quality installations that serve as a physical representation of user-created images. The beauty of this artwork is that it takes shape in real-time, evolving as each image is being posted. It demonstrates how individual contributions can form a collective masterpiece.”

The process for creating life-sized photo-sculpture

Luster’s Mosaic Sculptures are uniquely designed by Luster, the Hashtag Printer favors high-quality 3D installations comprised of user-submitted social media photos. The movement allows participants to simply post their pictures on Instagram and Twitter with a designated hashtag. Then the Luster’s tech will apply matching color to the image and identifies a specific location on the sculpture for placement. An on-site Luster operator prints the photograph, and event guests apply the images to the structure by hand. The result displays a life-sized sculpture comprised of thousands of individual pictures representing a brand or theme.

To date, thousands of brands including Coca-Cola, Deloitte, Facebook, IBM, Salesforce and Walmart have used Luster’s high-tech interactive Mosaic Sculptures to engage attendees and enhance the event experience.

Adding your face to Artemis exhibit is simple:

  • Upload your selfie before October 25 at 3 pm ET as a public post on Twitter or Instagram (not in a story)
  • Tag @NASA and use the hashtag #NASAExhibit
  • BAM! You’re in the running to be featured on their exhibit
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