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Affordable Higher Education

Making Higher Education Affordable and Enriching for Future Managers

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, textbook costs have increased by 88% between 2006-2016, and its increasing

One of the foremost discouraging statistics in America these days is that of faculty dropouts. According to Atlas, 70% of USA citizens join college but 2/3 of them graduate with a degree and 30% of them drop out after the first year.

This issue affects not solely the aspirations of scholars, but also the nation, which would face a crunch of skilled workers in the near to future. The first reason for this dreadfully high college dropout rate is the high price of course materials, especially management textbooks.

The reality of high textbook costs

A case in purpose is that the cost of textbooks for Accounting and Finance courses. The combined price for counseled textbooks for three major subjects for Accounting and Finance – Financial Accounting; Managerial Accounting and Cost Accounting could be anything between $240 and $400.

Vibrant Publishers, a renowned publishing house for top-quality textbooks on business and management, decided to address this issue smartly. Each book costs between $9 and $30, making them 50% and 80% cheaper than alternative textbooks. These books cover everything from fundamentals, to important concepts, to standard principles and practical ways that of application of the subject.

The three books that cover the subjects mentioned on top of the Vibrant Publishers, together would cost an affordable $30 for Kindle and $75 for Paperbacks!

Is Resorting to Open Educational Resources the Solution?

While the system of OER has helped reduce the burden on students, it has disadvantages.

One, they may not provide comprehensive coverage of the topic, missing out on necessary fundamentals and principles.

Second, tidy time is wasted by students in sourcing and adapting OER’s to their needs. The same goes for professors who ought to guide the scholars on the sourcing, study, and use of those OER. Many times, professors are needed to structure and place together these materials, which is once more an additional burden on them.

For example, the course material for Business Strategy and Project Management-Colleges provides OER links to many journals, articles, blogs and case papers for college students to source and study.

However, Business Strategy Essentials and Project Management Essentials from Vibrant Publishers, explains the building blocks of these subjects with a 21st-century point of view, at the side of relevant case studies and also the bundle is priced at simply $20.

Hence, the constraints of high textbook prices and OER can be avoided if textbooks themselves were more affordable.

What do professors say?

The ability to speak such a broad content by compressing intense data and integration it with industrial examples and real cases is and of the Operations & offer Chain Management Essentials

– Andrea Patrucco, Ph.D., Asst. Professor, SCM at PSU

The Business Strategy book offers a holistic approach to strategy by covering the strategic method, business structure, and change, continually keeping the economic side in mind“.

– Nilsa Fleury, advisor faculty member at nonspecific urethritis

To support professors, Vibrant includes quality supplemental material and extra instructional resources to help save their time and efforts – a win-win state of affairs for each students and professors.

Vibrant Publishers is committed to providing compact, straightforward to understand content at an affordable price to make sure that management education becomes more inexpensive, equitable and enriching for all.

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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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