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Michael F. Price College of Business: Preparing Next-Generation Business Leaders

Michael F. Price College of Business

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The University of Oklahoma School of Public and Private Business was one of the first schools west of the Mississippi River to be accredited by AACSB. In 1928, it was formed into the College of Business Administration. Later, the college building was named Adams Hall, after the college’s first dean, Arthur B. Adams. In 1997, the college was named the Michael F. Price College of Business, in honor of its benefactor Michael F. Price.

The Price College of Business currently educates more than 4,700 students through undergraduate, master’s, doctoral and executive programs across six academic divisions in Accounting, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development, Finance, Management, and International Business, Management Information Systems, and Marketing and Supply Chain Management.

Continuous Increase in College Ranking

Professor Wayne Thomas, Interim Dean of Price College, is continually impressed by the talent and dedication of the faculty and staff and the enthusiasm of students at the College. Professor Thomas says, “Although rankings alone do not define us, they certainly help send a message that Price College belongs among the elite business schools in the nation.” Price College programs boast 31 national rankings. The continuous increase in the rankings sends a clear message of improved education quality. Professor Thomas taught his first college course in 1992 and today finds that he was having more fun than ever. He feels fortunate to get to teach more than 500 students each year and engage in research to address some of the most important issues in his field.

Professor Thomas advises students to keep the following in mind:

  1. Learn how to learn: Today’s graduates will need to retool several times in their careers with the rapid pace of technological change in almost every industry. As soon as students graduate, many expect to have full career knowledge. He says, “If you learn how to learn while you’re at college, you’ll be able to adapt to changes and have a successful career.”
  2. The power of personal interaction: Nowadays, students spend much of their time online, including some college classes. However, they shouldn’t lose an understanding of the power of personal interactions. He advises, “Students should continue to work on their people skills and ability to work in groups.”
  3. Career picking: Pick a career that is inherently interesting. He asserts, “Pick something you love doing.” It’s so much easier to work hard and be successful when you are passionate. At Price College, students are allowed to pick something they love doing. They are encouraged to have fun while learning and be intellectually engaged.

Exclusive Online Program

With the constant change in education, more programs are moving online. Price College has offered its 12th cohort of Executive MBA in Energy program. This is a one-year online program targeted to executives in the energy field, with three weeks of in-person activities. In the first week, the students meet on campus. In the middle of the program, students spend one week in study abroad. In the final week of the program, they are back together on campus to conclude the program. It’s this mix of primarily online classes with intermittent weeks of personal interactions that have made the program a huge success. Price College will soon launch a similar program for an Executive MBA in Aerospace and Defense. Price also offers online master’s degrees in accounting and finance.

World-class Education Programs

The economy of Oklahoma and the surrounding states are closely aligned on key focus areas such as aerospace and defense, energy, healthcare, entrepreneurship, and the global economy. Focusing on these five areas, Price College has developed and is in the process of developing specialty programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The goal of the college is to make world-class education accessible to anyone who is willing to work hard, is ready to be engaged, and seeks to have a successful business career. Currently, Price College award students with more than $2 million in scholarships each year.

Addressing Business Issues

Students enroll with Price College of Business because of the value of the degree and the low cost of tuition. Price College has initiated innovative programs, and each of the academic divisions addresses important business issues. The programs include data analytics, business intelligence, energy, aerospace and defense, healthcare, entrepreneurship, financial services, accounting, and so many more. The unique programs help students in leading a successful career and making their demand high among the recruiters.

Students at Price College experience a professional environment that helps them to prepare for future challenges. To help promote this environment, the Center for Student Success drives the Price Passport to Success series, a program that offers curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular opportunities aimed at helping students succeed in a diverse global business environment. Workshops include various activities such as interview skills, résumé building, personal interactions, working in teams, financial responsibility, Excel training, and more.

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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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