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Prize Money

Middle-Schooler Donates All $15,000 of Earned Prize Money to Children’s Hospital

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Our world is in the necessity of helping hands. Hands -capable of keeping fatal diseases away! There are many people around us to serve their best in their respective ways. Some donate their millions of money only to save people from deadly diseases and other major crises. People usually expect these from NGOs or other rich sources. But we are here to know someone very special. Someone who is not only young but unexpectedly with a good soul walking on the earth. Meet Diesel Pippert, a seventh-grader in the Western Reserves Schools District of Ohio. The world has started recognizing this little boy for his big heart.

Childhood diseases are no laughing matter; that’s why this serious-looking youngster deserves being praised for donating all his $15,000 of county fair prize money to the children’s hospital. He’s appeared and part of discussions in many online education journals like e-papers, magazines, and news portals, where his shared photo became the topic of inspiring debates.

He earned the money at the Huron County Fair in Ohio after then he decided to donate all of his livestock premiums from the fair’s animal sale to help other kids in need. In a Facebook post, Western Reserve Schools writes, “A young man lives amongst us who should be an example to us all … Diesel, you are a hero!”

Among top education journals, Diesel’s mankind nature is being celebrated all over the world. An inspiring lesson from the middle-schooler, who compelled to donate his commendable earning to a children’s research hospital. It’s magnificent!

The young man’s generosity inspired other activists to donate to the hospital, as well. His footprint seen by many admirers, one comments: “You have forever changed your community and world, Diesel, and I hope you’re reminded of that in miraculous ways when the commotion fades. Thank you so much for your donation.”

We hope that his little hands with big support will be an example to encourage even more people to “be the change” they want to see in this world. Wow, Diesel!

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