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Misericordia University: Educating Students to maximize their untapped Potential


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Today, effective business education has become essential for students to respond to technological advancements, keep up with market developments, and parse critical firm data in an era of rising data availability. Moreover, the world is struggling with limited natural resources affected by climate change as well as social and political challenges in a highly interconnected global marketplace. To meet these challenges and seize the opportunities moving forward, an outstanding business education with breadth and depth is necessary. 

Universities like Misericordia University, have taken it upon themselves to offer students a variety of career opportunities. With opportunities in healthcare administration, sports management, accounting, human resource management, and general management in a range of industries, Misericordia is one of the Prominent MBA colleges to watch out for in 2022.

A Foundation of Mercy

Misericordia University has a long history of offering a holistic student experience rooted in the core values of its founders, the Religious Sisters of Mercy, as the first four-year college in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. When Misericordia first opened in 1924, it only had one building that housed the Sisters, the College, and even a high school. Over the past century, the campus has grown to 127 acres in Dallas, Pennsylvania, a location that provided easy access to larger cities as well as a peaceful environment perfect for spiritual reflection.

In the past 50 years, Misericordia has evolved from a college to a university, admitted male residential students, and offered more than 55 academic and 35-degree programs across three colleges, both in-person and online. The educational goal of the university is to provide students with a purposeful, mercifully inspired transforming experience. Students gain knowledge and skills necessary for success in both their personal and professional life from the instructors and staff who deliver challenging educational teaching in a nurturing environment. This university has a deliberate, mission-focused route because of its enthusiasm and commitment to education, which are given through a community based on solid fundamental principles.

Prominent Programs

Sports management and healthcare administration are two of Misericordia University’s most prominent study programs. The university also offers management, human resource management, and accounting courses. The advanced sports marketing courses: applied research and strategic plans, public relations, communications, and the media of sport, as well as the business of sport, are all offered to students in the sport management concentration. Students can take courses in global health, healthcare finance, healthcare law, and healthcare leadership and management as part of the healthcare administration concentration.

Misericordia University’s accounting department provides students with training in advanced taxation topics like partnerships and incorporation, auditing, and accounting theory. Performance, remuneration and incentive systems, employee interactions and services, and rules governing human resource management are the main topics covered in human resources management courses. Organizational leadership, strategic management, and an integrative MBA capstone experience are the main topics of study in management. The ability to learn from and engage with practitioners in their respective fields in pertinent courses gives Misericordia MBA students the advantage of being prepared to advance in their fields after graduation.

Valuing Diversification

It is encouraged for every employee, department, and office at Misericordia University to include diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in their daily work. For its implementation, impact, and design, the women with children program has received both regional and national recognition. Students are able to visualize themselves in an area created exclusively for DEI initiatives. The autism center, the campus food pantry, and the adult learners program are some further examples.

The university’s inception as a higher education institution and its charisma, both attest to the importance and influence of DEI as a natural component of a community. The university’s DEI program includes training sessions and workshops all year round and is focused on heritage months. It is done on purpose with students, staff members, and academic programs. Students leave school knowing how interconnected everyone is in the larger community.  

Entertaining Campus Life

Misericordia is the hidden gem of the Back Mountain. It organizes a wide range of events and activities in addition to outstanding academic programs. The Campus Life Office works hard to come up with original and entertaining events that cannot be found on other campuses. Each academic year, the university throws a lavish and welcoming Welcome Week that sets the tone for the remainder of the year.

The university hosts comedians, performers, DIY projects, special culinary events using accessories seen at theme parks, giveaways, and various experiences leveraging what is “hot” in pop culture at the time throughout the rest of the year. This “out of the box” thinking is used by the Campus Life Office when discussing and organizing events.

Students pursuing an MBA are not excluded from the services offered by Misericordia University. This includes support with job searching, interview preparation, practice interviews, and networking through sites like LinkedIn. Additionally, the institution holds career fairs that are accessible to all students and graduates.

Favoring Entrepreneurship 

Misericordia promotes entrepreneurship by offering a wide range of courses in the foundational subjects essential for entrepreneurship. Other crucial areas for fostering entrepreneurship include practitioner-based education and practical application through case simulations. The MBA’s status as a professional degree is a key component. As a result, in order to be admitted to the MBA program, each student must be able to demonstrate that they have some meaningful job experience at the professional level in business, whether through internships, self-employment, or paid employment.

Continuing to adapt to the market, Misericordia University anticipates the potential for stackable MBA credentials. It is assessing fresh possibilities in the supply chain, financial planning, social entrepreneurship, and business analytics. The Misericordia University College of Business is prepared to handle the difficult demands of the future by modifying its curriculum consistently and giving students the chance to interact with professors who emphasize learning by doing in the real world.

Enthusiastically Accepting Social Responsibilities

Misericordia University eagerly accepts the duties required to continue meeting the challenges ahead. The university sets an example of living lives with a purpose and intention to show mercy, service to others, and model hospitality in a world that is troubled and in need of leaders who are motivated by mercy.

The Ruth Matthews Burger Women with Children Program is a prominent component of Misericordia’s program offerings and a tribute to its Mercy purpose. The Women with Children Program, which was established in 2000, gives economically disadvantaged single moms the chance to finish their college degrees and build better futures for both their children and themselves.


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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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