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National Louis University: Creating Skilled Business Leaders with an Inclusive Education Approach


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The pandemic has transformed the way organizations function and how leaders lead, including managing remote work teams and adapting to changing customer needs. Following the trends, while handling smooth functioning of the organization, businesses are seeking leaders who are able to adapt to any situation and who are pioneers of creative solutions to problems. Organizations seek accomplished business leaders who possess a broad range of managerial and organizational skills as well as employ communication and teamwork to create inclusive work environments.

Understanding the need for proficient and inclusive leadership in the industry, various institutions have begun providing quality leadership training and education. National Louis University (NLU) is one such inclusive and innovative community, providing educational opportunities that inspire and empower learners to prepare for and advance in meaningful lives and rewarding careers.

Revolutionary Inception

National Louis University was established adhering to the principle that quality education can transform lives, careers, and communities. The history of the university dates more than 130 years back when education pioneer and social reformer Elizabeth Harrison opened a kindergarten training school with the goal to promote early childhood education. Considering this radical idea, Harrison worked persistently and her groundbreaking work helped launch the National Parent-Teacher Association and the Head Start program.

Moreover, the National College of Education (NCE) became the first university in Illinois to offer a four-year teaching degree. With the large donation from philanthropist Michael W. Louis, the school added two more colleges. It became National Louis University in 1990, aiming to fulfill the mission to provide superior education that makes a difference. Currently, National Louis University serves 10,000 students at four locations in Illinois and Florida.

The university has six academic units including The National College of Education, Kendall College, The College of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, the Undergraduate College, The Graduate School of Business and Leadership, and Accelerate U— a rapid micro-credentialing training program. Moreover, it boasts with pride that 75,000 living alumni are using their NLU education to lead and serve others.

Inclusive and Creative Study Programs

National Louis University provides an array of innovative programs and academic courses. NLU offers over 70 academic programs. Catering to the latest trends, the university has made significant revisions and strengthened its MBA program. Dr. Ignacio Lopez (Dean, of the Graduate School of Business and Leadership) has led the MBA redesign efforts with a group of talented faculty and business leaders. Moreover, this Master of Business Administration program prepares students to be inclusive and creative business leaders making an impact on their respective organizations.

With the prominent study options, students cultivate their own unique leadership style and learn to solve complex business problems. They apply strategic integration of diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts as well as incorporate and inspire creativity in the workplace. Moreover, collaborative hands-on learning helps MBA students build business awareness, sharpen their critical thinking skills, enhance communication, and put business solutions to action. In the classroom, students learn directly from practicing and field-engaged faculty. These faculty members work in various corporate settings, entrepreneurship coaching environments, and within the business ecosystem in Chicago. 

Growing International Recognition

To promote equal opportunities for every student, National Louis University keeps diversity, equity, and inclusion central to the work. The university acknowledges that diversity is holistic and creates inclusive environments for the faculty, staff, and students. It not only spreads awareness but respects all through their UNITY commons, DEI council efforts, Centro de Excelencia, and partnership with the Illinois Equity in Attainment Initiative. It has a growing international population and welcomes and encourages international candidates to apply to the university. International students attending the Chicago campus study and earn advanced degrees in the MBA program, the MS in Business Data Analytics program, and in the Doctorate of Business Administration program.

Maximum Student Engagement

Apart from the excellent academic programs, National Louis University arranges numerous extra-curricular activities on campus. Students are allowed to take the benefits of the university’s exclusive partnerships with leading players in the Chicago business community. Additionally, the Graduate School of Business and Leadership at NLU partners with various local business incubators as well as several corporate companies in the downtown area. Students are provided with opportunities to connect with a network of Chicago leaders, entrepreneurs, and other business students. Through the unique Chicago-based low-residency experiences and networking events, the university helps MBA students grow their leadership skills and their business network. 

Dealing with Dynamic World

NLU helps students with enhanced career development. The university empowers students to thrive in a dynamic industry. MBA students can have one-on-one conversations about their career goals and receive feedback on academic projects through a distinctive business mentor program. Mentors, hosting the program, are currently working as experts in various fields such as marketing, finance, human resources, etc. Through business mentoring students gain tremendous knowledge and confidence to create and enact impactful business solutions.

Through the MBA curriculum that includes in-demand business competencies, DEI, data analytics, and creativity, students lead with confidence. The practitioner-based, hands-on curriculum approach differentiates National Louis University from other institutions. While other schools restrict themselves to the theories of practice in the business space, NLU distinguishes itself with its approach that sits at the nexus of theory-to-practice. This action-oriented curriculum challenges business students to put into practice key leadership competencies and iterate solutions to achieve success.

Supporting Entrepreneurship

NLU supports the idea of entrepreneurship and helps students who aspire to start new businesses. The Graduate School of Business and Leadership offers an innovative program that combines Entrepreneurship Education with human-center research and design. Moreover, the Design-Thinking and Entrepreneurship curriculum supports entrepreneurs in launching a successful business as well as scaling their businesses with new products and services. According to the university, graduates of the MBA program with a focus on design thinking run successful businesses and are sought after by corporate partners to develop and manage products.

Entry into Hospitality Sector 

NLU has set plans for a better future that will have new academic courses. The Graduate School of Business and Leadership is launching a new Master of Science in Business Data Analytics in the Fall of 2022. Students can apply by visiting the university’s website. As NLU continues to partner with Chicago’s leisure and hospitality sector, it plans to add Hospitality Management as a concentration in the MBA program. The university is set to create talented graduates who will become sought-after leaders and positive change agents in their organizations and communities.


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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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