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the real predator

Who is the real predator? Who killed the birds?

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Increasing concerns of the climate crisis and global warming are worrying the entire world. The world is reporting regular cases where people, including the flora and fauna, are getting affected by the triggering impacts of environmental depletion. But, who is the actual culprit behind all these?

The ‘Bird Box’ Incident

Recently, a massive swamp of yellow-headed blackbirds swarmed over Mexico. ‘Something’ sent them crashing to the ground, leaving dozens of the birds dead along the street. While the local media reports that the birds could have inhaled toxic smoke or made contact with electric power cables that suddenly received a current overload, we tend to believe otherwise. Moreover, few ecologists and researchers suggest that birds had lost stability mid-flight and collided with each other.

The incident was captured in security camera footage, showing the flock of blackbirds suddenly descending upon a house. While most of the birds fly away after taking a dip, these were seen left motionless along the sidewalk and street. The birds were in process of migrating to Mexico from northern Canada when they collapsed.

What or who killed the birds?

No, the toxic fumes did not kill them. The current overload did not cause their death either. The deadly culprit behind these is a two-limbed creature who continues to roam freely on the streets.

If we are to dwell on the actual reason of the climate change implications, CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases are the secondary reasons. The primary ‘reason’ continues to not retract from its actions. The primary reason is us: HUMANS.

Humans exploited nature and its resources. It is only due to our actions that climate change occurred in the first place. We did not learn from our past and present mistakes. We continue to cause more harm to the environment and exploit the abundance under the pretext of ‘modernization’, ‘future’, and ‘development’.

The ages-old glaciers are melting. The ocean water has become polluted with plastics and trash. The outer space is filled with space junk. The forest areas are narrowing. The freshwater bodies are evaporating. The major species of the animal kingdom are being doomed to extinction. The fresh air has become unbreathable for the vast majority of the population. And, who is behind all these? It is none but us.

How long before we can retract?

While eco-conscious beings are trying hard to raise awareness and make the world a cleaner and more breathable space to co-exist, we are far behind the race of winning over this global threat. As the infinite cost of climate change reaches irreversible highs, now is the time for bold collective action.

Using scalable technologies and nature-based solutions, we can leapfrog to a cleaner, more resilient world. Moreover, if governments, businesses, civil society, youth, and academia work together, we can create a green future where suffering is diminished, justice is upheld, and harmony is restored between people and the planet.

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