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Riiid Labs

Riiid Labs Launches AI EdTech Solutions in America

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Students scored an average of 124 points in just 24 hours of study

Riiid Labs, a leading AI edtech start-up based in Korea has launched Santa for Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) test prep engine in the United States after being successful in Korea and Japan. The AI technology analyzes student data and content, predicts scores and user behavior, and recommends personalized study plans in real-time to help students optimize their leading potential.

Bringing disruptive changes

After only five months of its launch, Santa for TOEIC reached No.1 in sales among education apps in the Android market. Users have improved their score by an average of 124 points after just 20 hours of study. Leveraging the success and proven efficacy of Riiid’s AI technology, Riiid Labs plans to continue to innovate and expand globally across new education verticals and domains.

As a leader in AI test prep throughout Asia, giving Riiid Labs a massive advantage in localizing to the cultural needs of the U.S. market. The Company partners with leaders in education to re-imagine the old ways of approaching learners. Its specialty is to prepare students for tests like SAT and ACT with its own proprietary tech. Riiid Labs has hired top-tier talent in the U.S. for both its education and tech sectors.

Establishing a global footprint

Reinforced education using AI is more emphasized now than ever, as the current global pandemic situation dictates the new normal. The launch of Riiid Labs in the U.S. is the best-in-time approach to see the strength and capability of the U.S. leadership team.

Riiid Labs is confident to surpass their own success story while bringing highly efficient learning solutions to everyone and lead in making fundamental changes to the education market.  As the world’s first commercialized AI tutor solution, the Company aims to replace textbooks and augment traditional lectures with personalized help from its AI engine.

“We’re talking not just financial impact, but more importantly, life impact for the well-being and future of humanity,” said David Yi, CEO, Riiid Labs.

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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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