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Rosemont College: Changing Educational Dreams into Reality with Persistent Innovations


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Education is the most important step in students’ lives. They can achieve tremendous success with a righteous education and appropriate career advice. Many institutes have started offering such quality education with numerous facilities and innovative programs. Such institutes bring the best self of students through their comprehensive education and significant career development strategies.

Rosemont College is one such institution that has been working persistently to fulfill the ambitions of students through rigorous academics, excellent mentorships, and a supportive community. 

A 100-Year Legacy

Rosemont College has a remarkable history of providing exceptional education. The college was founded in 1921 by the Society of the Holy Child Jesus with the mission to develop open and critical minds to meet “the wants of the age”. In the early days, Rosemont served as a women’s college and made education easier for women when there were no opportunities for women leadership.

After a few years, the college started focusing on education access to lower-community and black women. Further, it included men who wanted to excel in their careers. In 2008, with the goal of expansion, it approved a strategic plan to increase enrollment, programs, and reputation through co-education, partnerships, and online education. The following year, it opened the doors for all undergraduate courses.

An Array of Excellent Programs

To enrich the unique talents of students, Rosemont College offers an array of excellent programs. The college provides undergraduate major and minor courses, master’s degrees, and adult professional studies. Through the outstanding undergraduate programs, students gain in-depth knowledge and broad exposure to many branches. Moreover, the graduate courses include study in 12 different areas as well as various certifications. It also offers adults with numerous opportunities to earn degrees through its flexible courses.

Additionally, Rosemont offers various innovative academic opportunities that include internships, experiential learning, study abroad trips, cross-registration at other schools, and concurrent degree programs. The college also provides post-Bacc programs for medical school preparation and Honors programs. All the academic programs help students to think critically and analyze effectively. The Student Academic Success Center is a support hub for students that provides academic advising, tutoring, academic coaching, ADA accommodation facilities, etc.

Dedicated Career Services

With a thorough knowledge of the respective disciplines, students of Rosemont strive to impact the world. In support of such aspiring students, the college offers quality services and sublime opportunities for career exploration and development. The PGS program at Rosemont caters to the active participation of students through career counseling sessions.

For rewarding the careers of students, the college helps in career and major exploration, LinkedIn assistance, networking, job, internships, resume writing, and interview preparation. Moreover, it offers numerous workshop options on important topics relevant to the job search. These career services are also available for alumni even after graduation through prior appointments.

Catering to Student Engagement

Apart from the excellent academic courses, Rosemont arranges a variety of activities for maximum student engagement. For active student participation, the college has established a committee called the Office of Leadership and Engagement. This committee encourages students through leadership opportunities, community service, welcome week, Student Orientation at Rosemont (SOAR), and programming efforts. It also has 20 clubs and organizations which grow every year. Additionally, the Student Government is responsible for encouraging students to attend fun and engaging events every week.

Being a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the Colonial States Athletic Conference (CSAC), Rosemont holds a holistic approach to student sports. The athlete department has 15 division III sports teams and houses six tennis courts, softball and soccer fields, fitness centers, and training centers. Moreover, it has the only fully gray synthetic turf field in the United States. Through vigorous practice, sports athletes work tirelessly and strive for excellence.

Maintaining Diversity and Mental Health

Psychological balance is very much necessary while achieving success in academics. Rosemont College has dedicated its efforts to providing the best counseling services that help students feel safe and respected. At the counseling center, the college advocates for everyone’s rights and welcomes students from multicultural backgrounds and faiths. It also supports the education of the LGBTQ+ community and students with disability and cognitive differences.

With the goal of improving the wellness of students from all perspectives, Rosemont counselors support students to enhance their functionality in social, emotional, and relational aspects. Counselors use evidence-based counseling techniques and handle every student’s problems. At the center, they collaborate with students to discuss the areas where they can grow. With the help of these efforts, students can master communication, interpersonal skills, and problem-solving techniques as well as achieve self-awareness and self-efficacy. The center also provides help in solving drug and alcohol problems. All the counseling services are free of cost and strictly confidential.

Opportunities for Employees

Rosemont offers numerous attractive opportunities to employees and staff members. Through Rosemont Momentum Partners, the college empowers the families of employees and strives to change their lives through quality education. Partner employees and family members are allowed to apply and enroll in accredited online associate, bachelor, and graduate degrees and certificates. All the courses are made available at a discounted rate and students who apply through this scheme, are very well supported throughout the process.

“Can You See Yourself Here?”

“Can You See Yourself Here?”isa special initiative taken by Rosemont college that has boosted the confidence among students and started the student empowerment. The college has made available a platform that helps students to develop their voices and share their unique experiences and perspectives. Students can learn a lot from these engaging activities as everyone has something amazing to share. 

Appreciable Achievements

Thanks to the excellent academic education with an intellectual, spiritual, and emotional approach, Rosemont has received numerous awards and has been taken under consideration by many renowned forums. The college has consistently been ranked by the US News and World Report and has been recommended to John Templeton Foundation’s Honor Hall and “Character-Building Colleges”.

Additionally, it has received recognition as a “College of Distinction” and become “The Best Northeastern College” among 218 colleges. Speaking about the students’ success, approximately 8000 alumni of Rosemont are currently serving in high-ranking positions in science, medicine, arts, business, education, and politics.

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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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