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Saint Camillus International University of Health and Medical Sciences (UniCamillus): Expanding Healthcare Education Internationally with Unique Study Programs

Saint Camillus International University

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Today, education in healthcare has become paramount. Several educational institutions across the globe are currently offering healthcare-related education to build a generation with advanced medical knowledge. Moreover, various universities and colleges are incorporating advanced research and discoveries in healthcare for supporting students along with providing a promising future in healthcare. One such university in Italy offering prominent healthcare education is the Saint Camillus International University of Health and Medical Sciences (UniCamillus International Medical University).

Internationally Recognized Inception

Located in Rome, UniCamillus was established in 2018 with an increasing number of international students. Dedicated to medical sciences, the university has expanded worldwide with a strong international profile. UniCamillus issues the same qualifications as other European universities which are in accordance with Directive 2005/36/CE and of Directive 2013/55/UE and are valid throughout the European Union.

UniCamillus welcomes and trains students from all over the world to become versatile health professionals and physicians who should also focus on diseases of underprivileged countries. The university is addressed to students who demonstrate a humanitarian, scientific and professional interest in the health problems affecting especially the Developing countries.

As a leading university, UniCamillus has been listed in the world directory of Medical Schools, a joint venture between the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) and the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER). As a result, students and graduates will be able to apply for the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduate certification when the review process by ECFMG will be completed.

In terms of quality assurance, the university implements a set of processes to promote the efforts taken to improve the quality of higher education while respecting the responsibility of the University towards society. The quality analysis (QA) is achieved through the management of coordinated actions that include planning, management, monitoring, and self-assessment and aims to guide and control the processes.

Mission of Health

UniCamillus is specialized in medical and healthcare sciences and currently undergoing development. Since its establishment, in the four years span, the university’s enriched educational offer includes 2 six-year degree courses in Medicine and Surgery and Dentistry and 5 three-year degree courses in Nursing, Midwifery, Biomedical Laboratory Techniques, Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging, and Radiotherapy Techniques, and Physiotherapy. They also include a master’s degree course in Human Nutrition Sciences and several masters and postgraduate specialization courses, taught in English.

Today, UniCamillus is considered a vital and dynamic institution supported by a vocation based on necessities that will not decrease for a long period. The pandemic has emphasized the thought of reconsidering the entire healthcare sector and increased demand for highly trained medical professionals. Through these courses, the university wants to train the professionals ensuring that they understand the importance of this profession and consider it as a mission. It wishes that the students must be capable of working at an international level also. 

Educational and Cultural Benefits on Campus

Following a trend of persistent and constant efforts, UniCamillus offers services that approach the requirements of study and learning. These include state-of-the-art equipment at laboratories, multimedia classrooms, libraries, and conference halls that can host a large number of conferences and seminars.

In addition, the university campus is well connected to the center of Rome and other parts of the city via public transport. As Rome is known for its traditions and cultural history, opting for studying in the city gives students the advantages of exploring the modern and vibrant European capital. Being located at the center of Italy, the city constantly welcomes new students and allows them to explore its various parts. 

UniCamillus’s efforts at ensuring maximum student engagement are reflected through its teacher-student ratio (which is 1:5). For every student’s need, teachers are available to help them at any time. Students can visit tutors to avail help in any degree course through a front office, a welcome office, and a psychological counseling office (the University has a 1:24 staff-student ratio), especially for international students.

Ensuring Growth in Civic Engagement

UniCamillus implements a social volunteering program with numerous activities that aim to increase the civic engagement of existing and future students. It proposes an active citizenship approach to all its students which is also included in the social strategies of the university. These include cleaning and redevelopment of green areas, parks, and municipal zones as well as delivery of meals in foster homes, to homeless people and refugees. Participating in recreational activities such as theater exhibitions, musicals, and football games are also incorporated in the strategies that promote integration and socialization among the young generation.

In countries that face structural and infrastructural problems, UniCamillus organizes Task Forces of groups of Professors. Despite the restrictions of the pandemic, the task force accomplished its first mission in Cameroon. The aim of the forces was to start academic cooperation with hospitals and assess the possibility for UniCamillus to join in the management of a local hospital, providing the expertise of qualified professionals in favor of the Cameroonian community.

UniCamillus also supports sports activities at the campus for the students. It has signed several agreements with different sports facilities in surrounding areas to ease the access of students to sports practice. The university truly believes that physical activity is a necessary tool for the health and training of the younger generation and it is important in building social relationships and intercultural integration.

Recruitment Assurance

To fulfill the modern employer requirements, UniCamillus provides a superior education in medical and healthcare to its students. It provides classroom learning and internships at hospitals in the metropolitan areas of Rome. UniCamillus accompanies its graduates in the labor market, supporting them in the job placement, in order to favor the match between demand and supply of stages/jobs, creating consultation and support networks with companies and organizations which might welcome UniCamillus undergraduates. Additionally, UniCamillus has an agreement with Randstad Health that offers new graduates permanent employment contracts to help them in their careers.

Successful Online Networks

The pandemic has affected millions of lives worldwide and emphasized the importance of healthcare and education at the same time. In response to this unexpected and unpredictable time, UniCamillus started an online platform for video lessons that enabled students to complete their education from home.

Due to the use of information networks, it conducted the exam sessions on time. Most degree courses in Italian systems cannot be accessed for free and are subject to passing an entrance test. However, UniCamillus was the first university to organize and perform online entry tests in the Lazio region.

Broadening Research and Development

In the upcoming sessions, UniCamillus plans to emphasize research that represents the core of the university. Along with the pathologies from developing countries such as neglected tropical diseases, the university researchers are working to broaden the fields of investigation on issues such as Translational Medicine and Precision Medicine.

UniCamillus also plans to establish well-equipped laboratories in the biological and chemical fields and this innovative research center will be a high technology hub of the campus. Additionally, UniCamillus has planned several seminars and conferences for the year 2022-23, along with several scientific-cultural events that will be hosted in the new Scientific Congress and Didactic center.

Note to the Students:

Note to the Students: Saint Camillus International University

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