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Elizabethtown College School of Business: Cultivating Diverse Leaders for Success in Dynamic Business Environments

School of Business - Elizabethtown College

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Elizabethtown College’s School of Business is a pillar of the institution’s pledge to nurture service-minded, career-ready professionals. The school’s enduring motto, “Educate for Service,” is woven into every aspect of its academic programs. The School of Business aims to provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in their future careers. The School of Business equips students with essential skills and knowledge for their future careers through a comprehensive core program and major-specific courses.

The school’s mission is to enrich student learning and ensure practical education. Furthermore, the School of Business highlights the importance of internships, co-ops, and externships in professional growth.

Elizabethtown College offers a comprehensive education that combines strong academics with practical experiences like research projects, internships, and cross-cultural studies. The institution, with its 124-year history, develops students’ critical thinking, deep analysis, and effective communication skills. As a result, School of Business graduates feel prepared to tackle modern professional challenges, with 98% expressing confidence in their readiness for success.

Diverse Programs and Hands-On Learning

Elizabethtown College’s School of Business prepares students for dynamic business environments with a variety of programs and courses. It offers 11 majors and 4 minors, including Accounting, Actuarial Science, Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Financial Economics, International Business, Marketing, Mathematical Business, Mathematics, and Math Education, enabling students to tailor their education to their career goals.

In addition, the School of Business also offers interdisciplinary minors, enabling students to explore related fields of study and expand their skills. Students can choose from minors such as Business Administration, Family Business and Entrepreneurship, Economics, and Finance to enrich their academic journey.

The School of Business focuses on practical learning, engaging students in real-world business experiences from the start. Through the Backpack to Briefcase program and a tailored 4-year plan, students acquire the skills and knowledge for a seamless transition from college to career. The school respects each student’s uniqueness and designs distinct pathways to achieve their career goals.

Additionally, the School of Business offers a variety of experiential learning opportunities. These include faculty-led study tours to Geneva and Prague, traditional study-abroad programs, and the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program. Students get the chance to manage a real investment portfolio, gaining hands-on financial management experience. All students must undertake experiential learning as part of the curriculum, providing them with practical experience that enhances their academic studies and prepares them for success in their fields.

Navigating Opportunities: Admissions and Financial Aid

Prospective students interested in the School of Business start the admission process by applying to the college. The college uses a rolling admissions process for most programs, reviewing applications as they arrive. Admissions Counselors evaluate applications holistically, considering academic performance, extracurricular activities, leadership experiences, and personal attributes.

The admission process for the International Business (IB) program includes an additional interview step. This interview helps the admissions committee determine candidates’ fit for the specialized program and its specific requirements and goals.

Elizabethtown College offers various financial aid options to help students fund their education. These include merit-based scholarships awarded for academic achievement and other notable accomplishments. Scholarships considering a student’s background, interests, and affiliations are also available, offering opportunities for students with diverse experiences and talents.

Furthermore, the Financial Aid Office provides need-based aid, determined by assessing a student’s financial situation and need for assistance. This aid may include grants, loans, and work-study programs designed to fit individual financial circumstances.

Vibrant Student Life and Academic Opportunities

Elizabethtown College’s campus offers a vibrant, inclusive student life that nurtures a close-knit community for academic and social growth. Over 82 student-led clubs and organizations provide ample opportunities for students to connect with peers sharing similar interests.

In the School of Business, students can join specialized clubs like the Women in Business Club, the Accounting and Finance Club, the Family Business and Entrepreneurship Club, and the Math Club. These clubs offer networking, professional development, and personal growth opportunities.

The school also provides unique amenities to enhance the student experience. The student resource lounge is a hub for collaboration and relaxation, offering a dedicated space for peer connection, project work, or relaxation between classes.

Additionally, business students have access to the Finance Lab in the Hoover Center for Business. This modern facility provides twelve Bloomberg terminals and resources for hands-on learning and research. This access highlights the School of Business’s commitment to equipping students with specialized tools and opportunities for academic and professional success.

Dedicated Faculty and Personalized Attention

The School of Business boasts a student-faculty ratio of 13:1, demonstrating its commitment to personalized attention and academic support. This ratio allows students to interact meaningfully with faculty members, fostering mentorships and facilitating deep learning experiences.

Faculty members at the School of Business are dedicated educators and active contributors to their fields. They stay updated on business trends through ongoing research activities and participation in conferences, panels, and other professional events. Their involvement in the business community brings fresh insights to the classroom, enriching students’ learning experiences.

Many professors bring industry experience to their teaching, providing practical insights and real-world examples that enhance course material understanding. Their commitment to continuous learning ensures students receive current knowledge and skills relevant to today’s fast-changing business environment.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion at Elizabethtown College

Elizabethtown College values diversity and inclusion as integral parts of the campus community. It fosters an environment where everyone’s backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives are recognized, appreciated, and celebrated. This commitment is visible in initiatives led by the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Office and various student clubs.

In the School of Business, the Women’s Business Club provides a supportive community for women pursuing degrees in business. Also, the faculty composition reflects diversity, with 10 out of 17 full-time faculty members being international. This diversity enriches the School of Business’s atmosphere and exposes students to different cultural perspectives.

In addition, Elizabethtown College’s International Student Services provides comprehensive support for international students. This includes academic resources, visa status maintenance, driver’s license application process, and Social Security Number application. The International Student Scholarship offers financial aid to eligible international students. The college also has nationality-based clubs for international students to connect with peers, fostering a sense of community.

Comprehensive Support and Career Preparation Initiatives

The School of Business provides students with comprehensive support and guidance, preparing them for industry jobs through tailored programs and partnerships. Each student is paired with an advisor who specializes in their program. These advisors guide students through their academic journey, help identify career goals, and assist in making informed decisions about their education and professional development.

Furthermore, all students in the School of Business must complete a Managerial Communication and Student Career Preparedness course. This course provides essential workplace skills, including resume writing, cover letter composition, professional attire, and soft skills enhancement. Those in the school must also complete at least 120 hours at an internship.

The school also offers experiential learning opportunities to enhance students’ readiness for the industry. These include internships, where students gain practical experience in a professional setting. Partnerships, such as the co-op program with the Hershey Company, offer real-world experience and potential full-time employment after graduation. Additionally, micro-internships, virtual internships, and externship programs provide diverse opportunities for students to engage with industry professionals, develop skills, and build their professional network.

The Backpack-to-Briefcase program helps students become career-ready by emphasizing business exposure, career preparedness, leadership, and engagement. This program guides students through a structured four-year plan, ensuring they meet the requirements and gain the skills and experiences needed for success in their chosen field after graduation.

Empowering Tomorrow’s Innovators

Students interested in starting their own businesses or social ventures have access to extensive resources and support through the School of Business and the broader campus community. They can pursue a concentration or minor in Family Business and Entrepreneurship, gaining specialized knowledge and skills for small business management and entrepreneurship. These programs offer courses that cover various aspects of starting and running a business, including business planning, financial management, marketing strategies, and innovation.

The Hoover Center for Business houses the High Center for Family Businesses, a large, established center supporting local family businesses. This center is one of the largest and oldest, with 180 member companies. The High Center provides resources and programs for entrepreneurs, including peer groups for networking, knowledge sharing, and skill development.

Moreover, students interested in starting their own businesses or social ventures can also benefit from mentorship opportunities offered by faculty members, alumni, and local entrepreneurs. These mentors provide guidance, advice, and support based on their business experiences.

The campus community provides additional resources and support for aspiring entrepreneurs. These include workshops, seminars, pitch competitions, and incubator programs, offering hands-on experience, networking opportunities, and access to funding and resources to help students turn their ideas into viable businesses or social ventures.

Dr. Najiba Benabess’s Vision for Business Education

As the Dean of the School, Dr. Najiba Benabess is committed to student success and academic excellence. She envisions students equipped with the tools and skills needed to excel in a rapidly changing business environment.

Dr. Benabess’s leadership focuses on providing students with a comprehensive, current, and rigorous education. She motivates students to explore and innovate in the modern business environment rather than only manage it. By promoting continuous learning and adaptation, she enables students to tackle challenges and seize opportunities in the ever-changing business world.

At the heart of Dr. Benabess’s vision is the School of Business’s commitment to providing students with cutting-edge business knowledge, customized learning experiences, and strong community connections. Under her leadership, the School of Business focuses on equipping students with practical skills, real-world experiences, and valuable networking opportunities, preparing them to excel in their chosen careers.

Dr. Benabess’s leadership inspires students, faculty, and staff, fostering a culture of excellence, innovation, and student focus within the School of Business. Her dedication to student success and academic excellence continues to influence the future of business education at Elizabethtown College.


 Our mission is “preparing students for an ever-changing business world through enhancement of critical thinking skills and practical business application.”

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