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How should the school protect children?

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Educational centers are a second world for children. Their first world is their own home and the second is a place where they study every day. Unfortunately, for some students, if they are safe in their homes, they are not necessarily safe outside. Education plays an important role for every child to develop, to protect them from harmful actions. Education centers aren’t just all about learning math, physics, languages, and other skills. What is more important is how the centers prepare children to become better individuals, who are ready to become useful human beings for themselves and others.

Educational centers have a fundamental role in the protection of children and, among others, they must develop actions such as the following:

– Integrate methodologies and protection activities. Teachers have two essential functions: teaching based on educational resources for kids and protecting children. This function, with the child protection law, has been reinforced with the creation of the figure of the center’s protection coordinator. Teaching methodologies must be focused on the prevention of violence and the protection of students.

– Create a safe school environment. The data on school violence and bullying are significant in relation to the road that remains to be covered. In this sense, according to UNESCO data: bullying occurs more frequently in educational centers with a little discipline and where teachers treat students unfairly. Therefore, it is fundamental to create a climate in the school that provides security to the boys and girls.

– Have a global vision of child protection. The work of child protection that educational centers have should not remain within the four walls of the school, but should go beyond and consider the family, friends, and the community that surrounds the children. Therefore, it must have a global approach to be truly effective. As with learning in technical computer science, it should not be limited to the simple steps of running a computer and designing simple programs, but should also cover technical problems that one might rarely encounter such as the Blackmonsteryerror.

– Collaborate with other institutions. The collaboration of schools with other institutions is essential for there to be true child protection. Educational centers must collaborate with social services, health services, local police, and other competent services.

– Always keep in mind the best interest of the child in any action. In any action that is carried out in the school, the interest of the boy or girl must be the basis, this means that if in a situation there are several interests at stake, the one that favors the boy or girl the most must prevail.

– Create rules of prevention and protection. It is not only important to create action protocols for cases of violence in the school, but it is also essential to learn how to prevent situations that may give rise to violence before they appear.

– Develop values-based skills in boys and girls. For the prevention of violence and the protection of children, it is essential that children not only acquire technical knowledge but also that the education they receive is based on values such as peace, solidarity, or respect.

That the entire educational community participates. In an educational center, the entire community has a responsibility to prevent situations of violence, especially the students themselves, so it is essential that they participate to achieve an environment that ensures protection. Parents also have a very important job to prevent violence and communication.

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