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Sneaker Essentials

Yellowbrick Lets Students Wear Career Discovery Course For Free

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Partnered with FIT and Complex to weave passion into a professional career

The coronavirus news is everywhere, and so its effects are. Education institutions are struggling to maintain the learning process as feasible as possible. Parents and educators are facing a significant challenge right now: keeping students engaged with their studies when schools are closed. In this critical situation, a New York-based education platform company Yellowbrick has announced that it will be making content from its Sneaker Essentials online career discovery course available for free to parents of middle and high school students. Also, the course will benefit their teachers who are implementing distance learning plans in the wake of COVID-19 school closures.

Before partnering with the global lifestyle and leading youth culture brand Complex, Yellowbrick’s course was designed to stoke existing interest in sneakers and culture. The content and materials have shown measurable success in New York City-based public school pilot programs.

Turning passion into a career

Among numerous resources to address core curricula, there are very few that focuses to use passion as a key building block. Although Sneaker Essentials course initially created to help professionals learn to transform their passions into career options, the latest Yellowbrick program has been adapted and piloted in public schools in New York and Los Angeles to help engage students in their academics and career discovery.

Additionally, the program provides a unique interdisciplinary STEAM learning experience that can be integrated into a variety of educational settings and subject areas.

Weaving career-driven course

The course aims to give exposure to high school students to work behind something they already love – sneakers. As sneakers market is now woven into popular culture, incorporating the course that into subjects like Literature, History, Math, and Art, it gives birth to a loving career with professional interest to young people today.

Yellowbrick course, Sneaker Essentials, has been developed in partnership with Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and Complex to enhance career discovery and career readiness for the Sneaker Industry. The course materials include flexible online learning modules and associated self-paced activities. The combination builds upon student passions and enables further development of STEAM-related skills in a real-world context. For example, the course teaches data manipulation by challenging students to track and chart sneaker prices, graphing and averaging their value over time.

Overall, the program offers a unique project-based approach to understanding product design, distribution, marketing, and social media through the lens of the sneaker industry.

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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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