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I’m Not Racist… Am I? – Response to COVID-19

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Free Online Learning Experience on Race and Racism

 As schools and universities all over the world are canceling classes for the next several weeks, Point Made Learning has decided to best serve US citizens in this vulnerable situation. The Company is pleased to offer – for free – an online learning experience for educators and other interested parties to use with high school and college students.

In a groundbreaking documentary, “I’m Not Racist… Am I?” a diverse group of teens and their families dived into a yearlong journey to get at the heart of racism. After some tense and painful moments, difficult conversations affected their relationships and ultimately challenged them to look deep within themselves. The whole course encouraged people from different backgrounds to develop stronger bonds, a greater resolve, and a bigger, more significant definition of racism.

Through Look Deeper: Race online learning experience built around the above documentary, Point Made Learning is encouraging to continue the critical conversation on race and racial equity. Young students can visit and watch it on their own and then talk about it in group chats or video learning sessions using the tools provided by Point Made Learning.

The Look Deeper: Race online experience includes:

  • 8 learning modules, ranging in duration from 15 to 25 minutes (each module contains a chapter from the film)
  • Interactive exercises and reflection questions
  • Facilitation manual with discussion questions and follow-up exercises

Look Deeper aims to open productive dialogues about race and racism through the eyes of this group of inspiring young people who we documented on film,” said Catherine Wigginton Greene, filmmaker and Executive Director of Content and Engagement, Point Made Learning.

Look Deeper participants report a raised awareness of race and the racial inequities inherent in U.S. society, a greater understanding of the distinction between individual prejudice and systemic racism, and a stronger motivation to interrupt racism on both an individual and systemic level.

Students gain a great deal of self-awareness from the experience and have an exceptional in-class dialogue. I love the course! It has had a direct impact on all of my students,” said Dr. Karen Kassebaum, professor, University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

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