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Scholarships for the International Space Studies Program

Space science study is having a major impact on our daily lives. Universities are plugging to foster space studies to harness interdisciplinary thinking of problem-solving. Similarly, the Kalpana Chawla Project for Innovation, Entrepreneurism, and space studies at the International Space University is set to send talented women scholars to the ISU Space Studies program that will be held in Granada, Spain next year.

The Dr. Kalpana Chawla Scholarship project has announced the selection of four top women scholars to the 2020 Interactive Space Program (ISP) Space Studies Program (SSP) at the world-renowned, International Space University (ISU), by providing postgraduate scholarships. The scholarship project is focused on developing strong technical and leadership qualities with talented Indian women.

The scholars selected for this year’s ISP include:

Space Cafe India

Kavindi De Silva is finalizing her Master’s degree in Space Studies at the International Space University. She has a background in Astronomy & Physics and International Business and Education.  Kavindi has been a Teaching Associate for the Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program ‘19, the External Relations Assistant and Coordinator for the Space Studies Programs, respectively in ‘18 and ‘19, the Co-Organizer for TEDxISU ‘19  and is now an IT Operations Officer for the Interactive Space Program!

Kritee Mahanti is a final year graduate student at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, aiming to build a strong foundation in spacecraft dynamics and wishing to pursue a career in Deep Space Navigation and Control. She is currently writing her Master thesis in “Operation and Planning of the Attitude Determination and Control System of the Beyond Atlas CubeSat.”

Space Cafe India

Vinita Shinkar received her M. Tech from Indian Institute of Remote Sensing – Dehradun, Uttarakhand Urban Planner with expertise in Geographic Information Systems, and Remote Sensing domain and allied software. She is adept at conducting research and technical analysis, long and short-range planning, data analysis, and report writing.

Priyanka Roy Chowdhury is currently a Ph.D. student at Warsaw University of Technology, Poland. She is working on a project within the STAR experiment (Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA).  Previously she was a summer trainee at Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre (VECC), Government of India, Department of Atomic Energy. Her present research area is Particle Physics (d-meson). She is an alumnus of National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, India.

Shuttling Scholars

Since 2017, Dr. KC Scholars has been funding young Indian women of talent to attend the ISU. There has been a total of 11 KC Scholars to date (the first scholar in 2017, two scholars in 2018, four scholars in 2019, and four scholars in 2020).

The goal is to attract talented Indian women who are postgraduate students with backgrounds in science, medicine, materials, arts, policy, business management, satellite technology, and other space-related areas of focus, who also share Dr. Chawla’s selfless and passionate pursuit of education and excellence. The Scholarship project for the ISU Space Studies (SSP21) is currently seeking funding (remaining €20,000).

ISU – Space Cafe India

The vision of ISU Space Cafe India is to promote space studies and to enable individuals and students to recognize and appreciate they are part of a larger community of space professional, and to help create a path for their individual interests and efforts to be connected with the larger space community, both in India and globally.

Space Cafe India provides a platform where space issues are examined from multiple perspectives, to promote dialogue, and to focus attention on critical space topics. The ISU-Space Cafe India hosts monthly candid conversations with prominent space community leaders from India and around the globe to discuss issues of the day impacting our nation, our world, and all humanity.



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