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Student Housing

Student Housing 101: How To Find The Best College Apartment

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Moving away to college can bring mixed emotions to any student. While it’s an ideal opportunity for you to learn independence, there may be times that you’ll miss home-cooked meals and the presence of your family. Before you move out, you need to ensure that you find yourself the best college apartment—a place where you can relax, study, and be yourself for years to come. 

Looking For The Best College Apartment

Looking for the best college apartment may be challenging, especially with the wide range of options to choose from. Carefully consider available student housing like the Sunrise Village. This way, you’ll find one that perfectly matches your needs. 

Moreover, listed below are more essential tips on how you can find the best college apartment: 

Location Of The College Apartment

The first thing you should prioritize when looking for a college apartment is its proximity to your campus. Ideally, if you are looking for apartments near San Antonio, you should move to the apartment that’s nearest to your school. After all, you’ll be spending most of your days on campus, thus leaving you with little time to roam around the area. Choosing a college apartment near your campus will help you avoid getting to class late. 

Apart from looking at the apartment’s proximity to the campus, you should also consider how you’ll get from your apartment to your campus. If you’re using a car, look for an apartment with parking options. Moreover, you should also check for other transportation options that will allow you to travel to your campus with ease. 

Furthermore, you should also check the security and safety of your future apartment’s environment. No matter how safe the apartment itself is, if it’s located in an area that’s known to be dangerous, you may want to check other options. Safety should always be one of your top priorities wherever you live.

Condition Of The Room  

You’ll be spending most of your days and nights inside your room to study and rest between classes. So, before you proceed with renting the entire apartment, you should first check the condition of the room. While it might look great in photos, it may give off a different ambiance once you see it for yourself. 

Apart from the condition of the room, you should also ask if the apartment comes furnished or unfurnished. If you have extra furniture at home or access to low-cost furniture, you should go for an unfurnished room. Either way, there’s no need to purchase new furniture, especially if you’ll only be staying for a short while. Knowing these details will help you know what you need to pack and bring with you on your move-in day.

Facilities Included

Take the time to ask about the facilities available in the apartment you’re considering. With some effort, you can find an apartment with great facilities. This way, you don’t need to travel to distant places just to use the amenities you need. 

Since you’re looking for a college apartment, look for one with a study room where you can learn in peace. While studying inside your room is doable, it can be challenging sometimes, especially if you have plenty of roommates with you. Moreover, you should also check for the gym, pool, and court. These facilities will help you have a more enjoyable stay, engage in healthy activities, and be more creative

You should also remember that additional facilities might add to your rent. With this, you need to contemplate if you really need those extra amenities and if your budget allows for an apartment with a higher rent. 

Widen Your Options

Even if you like the first apartment that you visit, don’t fall into the temptation of signing the lease contract right away. While it may provide everything you need, you should never limit yourself to a single option and always try to look for other ideal apartments.

You may want to list down all the good college apartments available within a reasonable distance from the campus and the city. You should also consider the variation of amenities, along with the rent cost. By properly listing every apartment, you’ll be able to find the perfect apartment that matches your lifestyle and budget.

Number Of Roommates

Depending on the college apartment you’re going to live in, the number of roommates you’ll have will vary. In most cases, you’ll have two to four roommates to share the apartment with. While you may be comfortable with that, you need to verify with the property manager if you’ll share the same room with everyone or have separate rooms. 

For peace and harmony, it would be preferable if you could share a room with up to a single person. Not only will this reduce the possibility of any conflict and complications, but you can also maximize the space you have in your room. For instance, having more room space will allow you to have your corner desk for studying and other essential things without bothering anybody.

Utilities Inclusion

All college apartments should have steady and reliable electricity and water connection. In addition to these essentials, you should also ask about the available internet connection in the apartment. 

Some apartments will require you to submit a permit before allowing an internet provider to install their line inside your room. To avoid any additional paperwork, ask the landlord if they have a line readily available for you. If they have an existing provider, you might want to ask which company they’re using to guarantee the speed and reliability of your internet connection. 

Moreover, you should also ask the landlord how you should be paying for your bills. Some apartments will only require you to pay a set amount every month for utilities. While that may take some stress off you, it’s unideal, especially if you know you don’t spend that much electricity during your stay. Ideally, you should look for an apartment that provides you with a separate bill to keep track of your expenses and find ways to minimize them. 

Explore The Environment

Apart from the apartment itself and its proximity to your campus, you should also explore the surrounding environment. After all, it’ll be the place where you’ll live for some time. 

You can begin looking for nearby supermarkets, drug stores, hospitals, libraries, coffee shops, and anything you might be interested in. You can even search for any nearby yoga studio or gyms so you can continue to exercise even while away from home. 

As you explore the environment, you should also check the prices of products and services offered. There’s no point in being surrounded by shops if you can’t afford the products they’re selling. It’ll just make you feel like you’re missing out on certain experiences.

Conclusion Finding the best college apartment can be challenging, especially since there are plenty of factors to consider. To find the best one, you should visit them all personally so you can imagine what it’ll feel like to live there. Don’t forget to check the security and safety of the apartment and its surrounding environment so you can have peace of mind while enjoying college.

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