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10 Alternatives To Boost Your Creativity


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Everything around us is a product of creative minds thinking differently, challenging the norm, taking risks and learning from trial and error. Creativity comes when you give yourself room to fail, you innovate. To innovate and boost your creativity in life, you must keep your body and mind sharp. For that, your body and mind require their own kind of pampering. Therefore, when we treat them carelessly we are bound to have frequent health scares and issues. Here is why a lifestyle that embraces activities and hobbies that promote creativity, also compliments physical and psychological health. In this regard, World Creativity and Innovation Day (WCID) is globally celebrated to raise awareness around the importance of creativity and innovation.

WCID extends to a weeklong celebration which is observed six days after Leonardo Da Vinci’s birthday as he demonstrates creativity as both arts and sciences. Da Vinci is a symbol of world peace, freedom of expression as well as art’s importance to other fields. He was a great admirer of the thought – life filled with behaviors brings joy that benefits wellbeing in many ways.

With this in mind, we’ve listed ways and activities that can foster and boost your creativity in your life.

1. Acknowledge your senses

boost your creativity

Touch, smell, and taste. Notice how the youngest children perceive reality. Feel the texture of bricks as you walk by a building. Devote time each day to simple practices with cultivated awareness. Forgo utensils and eat with your hands. While drinking, notice the sensation of cool water sliding down your throat. Smell, and expose your feet to the soft grass in your backyard.

2. DIY Crafts

Boost your creativity by  DIY Crafts

A perfect activity for those who do enjoy upcycling and decluttering. DIY means minimizing dependency on what others make for you. It’s even become necessary when money is tight, people re-purpose old things like clothes or furniture, to make simple home decorations.

3. Avoid your playlist

boost your creativity by music

Perhaps more than any other art form music evokes a personal response. And maybe that’s the reason we are more receptive to music than to speech. Try to listen to music from a genre or part of the world completely unknown to you. Through this, you can slide language barriers to a place of mutual understanding.

4. Exercise

boost your creativity by exercise

Exercise might be the most important hobby on this list. It not only tones your body’s muscles but also promotes the health of all the organs. It also helps you get rid of stress and fights off depressive mental states. Doctors recommend people to exercise at least a couple of times every week. The beauty is there are many physical activities you can try.

5. Writing

boost your creativity by writing

Writing is a very therapeutic hobby that everyone can try. Don’t worry, you don’t even have to care about the accuracy of your grammar. Start writing your personal journal that reflects your life and soothe your psyche. When you have done enough practice, try to make your writings public.

6. Silence speaks

Silence for creativity

We are surrounded by constant media playing in our homes, cars, and public places that dulls the essential connection we have to our inner selves. It’s not easy to find silence in the modern world. Go to a quiet place where you can listen for 15 minutes of surrounding without hearing a human-created sound. Listen to water flows with close attention to its music. You’ll realize you can listen to yourself too like never before.

7. Play an instrument

instrument for boosting your creativity

Playing an instrument is excellent for brain health. It requires great attention and coordination. This hobby may seem difficult but over time practicing it becomes quite enjoyable and much easier. Secondly, if you know already how to play an instrument you can create your own music. It’s very fulfilling and rewarding. Finally, playing an instrument can become an excellent outlet to reduce stress. It’s all about symphony inside you.

8. Dancing

Dancing for boost your creativity

People who have to work a stressful job, dancing can be extremely beneficial. And why not, it strengthens bones, promotes heart health, and keep muscles fit. Of course, you don’t need lessons; just tune on your favorite music. Let your creativity flow through freestyle dancing. You can’t feel unhappy, it’s such a natural way to release endorphins. It is a perfect fun-chaos, it makes very easy exercise.

9. Listen to your dreams

Listen to your dreams

The interpretation of dreams is great art. Your dreams can act as fuel to boost your creativity. Before falling asleep, ask for a dream message. As you waken, try to remember the dream, pull the threads of your dream into conscious awareness and let it inform your day. This way you can broaden your imagination and hence your approach to make it real.

10. Do something unusual every day

boost your creativity

Ask yourself, when did you manage to go beyond regular routine. Life is all about uncertainty, so why to make things certain. Try an unfamiliar food, drive different route, complement a stranger, laugh off an irritation, use a new word three different times, lie in the grass, chew every bite ten times, etc.

According to a study, certain ‘behavioral pursuits’ can lead to happiness, reduce boredom and stress, and boost your creativity. There is a vitality, a life force, and because there is only one of you in all of the time, this expression is unique. If you try to block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. You need to keep yourself open and aware to the urges that motivate you.

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