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Sykes College of Business: Empowering Tomorrow’s Business Leaders with Diversity and Entrepreneurship

Sykes College of Business

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For half a century, the Sykes College of Business at the University of Tampa has been a leader in business education, offering innovative programs, experiential learning, and a diverse community.

The college owes its success to the vision and generosity of John H. Sykes, a successful entrepreneur who transformed a small department into a thriving college. With the highest accreditation and a distinguished reputation, the college attracts faculty and students who share a passion for excellence and innovation.

The college offers a range of master’s degrees and a prestigious doctorate in business administration, catering to the diverse needs and interests of its nearly 5,000 students. As the college celebrates its 50th MBA anniversary, it reaffirms its mission to prepare the next generation of global business leaders, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and networks to succeed in a dynamic business environment.

Tailored Business Education for Success at the Sykes College of Business

The Sykes College of Business offers students a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs that prepare them for success in the dynamic business world.

The college has a variety of majors for undergraduate students, such as Accounting, Cybersecurity, Entrepreneurship, Finance, International Business, Management, Marketing, and more. Graduate students can choose from five flexible MBA formats that suit their professional and personal goals or one of the seven specialized master’s programs in areas such as Accounting, Business Analytics, Cybersecurity, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Information and Technology Management, and Marketing.

The college is known for its prestigious accreditations and rankings, as well as its small class sizes and personalized attention to students. This ensures that each student gets individualized support and mentorship from faculty members who are experts in their fields, creating an environment that fosters academic excellence and professional growth.

The college also has a range of certificate programs in areas such as accounting analytics, cybersecurity, entrepreneurship, and non-profit management, which allow students to enhance their skills and expertise in specific areas of interest. For seasoned professionals who want to further their education, the Executive Doctor of Business Administration (EDBA) program offers a unique opportunity to engage in advanced research and scholarship while maintaining their professional commitments.

How to Apply and Pay for UT

The University of Tampa invites students from diverse backgrounds and experiences to apply for admission, offering a holistic and transparent admissions process and generous financial assistance.

The Admissions Review Committee looks at each applicant’s academic potential and character, taking into account factors such as the quality of grades, the relevance of coursework to the chosen major, and the difficulty of coursework completed, such as AP, IB, AICE, or dual enrollment courses. The committee also evaluates the applicant’s character based on indicators such as empathy, kindness, extracurricular involvement, independence, and leadership.

Applicants need to have completed a college preparatory curriculum, with at least 18 academic units, and either graduate from high school or provide acceptable scores on the high school equivalency test (GED). The university has a test-optional policy, which means that standardized test scores are not required for admission consideration.

UT also provides various forms of financial assistance, such as scholarships, grants, and loans, to help students pay for their education. This commitment to providing financial support shows the university’s dedication to ensuring access to higher education for all qualified students.

Nurturing Academic Excellence through Personalized Learning

The Sykes College of Business offers students a culture of academic excellence where they can enjoy a personalized learning environment and access to cutting-edge research and expertise. The college has a low student-faculty ratio of 1-17, which means that students get individualized attention, mentorship, and collaboration from their professors, who are experts in their fields.

The faculty is also highly productive and influential in their respective fields, with over 1,000 intellectual contributions in the past five years, and more than 200 of them published in high-quality peer-reviewed journals. This scholarly activity shows the faculty’s commitment to advancing knowledge and providing students with access to cutting-edge research and expertise.

Furthermore, the personalized learning environment and the scholarly excellence of the faculty create an environment that fosters academic success, critical thinking, and intellectual exploration at the college.

University Life: A Vibrant and Diverse Experience

At The University of Tampa, students enjoy a vibrant and diverse campus life that offers them a wealth of amenities and opportunities. Whether they live in one of the top-quality residence halls with stunning views of downtown Tampa Bay or commute from nearby areas, they can benefit from the convenience and accessibility of campus facilities and services.

The Vaughn Center is the hub of campus life, where students can find everything they need, from dining options and a campus store to student services offices and a theater. The center also hosts a variety of events throughout the year, giving students plenty of chances to meet new people and have fun.

Students can also explore their interests and passions by joining one of the many clubs, organizations, and teams on campus. These include community service groups, student government, fraternities, sororities, and NCAA Division II sports teams. For those who want to develop their leadership and military skills, the nationally recognized ROTC programs are a great option.

Another highlight of campus life is the Benson Alex Riseman Fitness and Recreation Center, where students can work out, and relax. The center features state-of-the-art fitness equipment, group exercise rooms, and a range of fitness classes, such as yoga, kickboxing, and Zumba. Outside, students can enjoy the Florida sunshine while swimming, or playing basketball and volleyball on the lighted courts.

How UT Celebrates Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are at the core of The University of Tampa’s mission and vision. The institution recognizes and values the richness that comes from embracing a wide range of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. UT welcomes and celebrates the unique identities that each individual brings to the campus community, whether it is sex, race, nationality, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other aspect of diversity.

The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI) is the driving force behind UT’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. ODEI strives to create an environment where every member of the community feels valued and supported. ODEI works tirelessly to address the impact of injustice and to dismantle barriers to achievement, ensuring that all students, staff, and faculty have access to the resources they need to thrive.

UT also employs a multifaceted approach to promoting diversity and inclusion, encompassing various aspects of campus life. These include educational programming, support services, recruitment and retention efforts, inclusive policies, and community-building initiatives. Through these, the institution fosters understanding and appreciation for diverse perspectives while providing targeted support services and resources to meet the unique needs of different student populations.

Moreover, UT is committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse faculty and staff through inclusive hiring practices and ongoing professional development opportunities. By cultivating a workforce that reflects the diversity of its student body, the University creates an environment where all individuals feel represented and empowered to succeed.

Sykes College of Business Centers and Institutes: Preparing Students for Business Success

UT prepares students for industry jobs by offering them robust support and guidance through its specialized centers and institutes. Each focuses on a different aspect of business education and practice, fostering excellence and innovation.

The Center for Ethics helps students learn about ethical decision-making in a business context, giving them the moral compass they need to navigate complex professional environments.

The TECO Energy Center for Leadership provides students with transformative learning experiences that cultivate sustainable business practices and leadership excellence. It prepares students to lead ethically and effectively in their future careers.

The Naimoli Institute for Business Strategy empowers students and organizations in the Tampa Bay region with innovative learning opportunities focused on strategy. It helps them develop strategic thinking skills that are essential for success in the business world.

The John P. Lowth Entrepreneurship Center equips aspiring entrepreneurs with the critical skills, tools, and knowledge they need to launch and manage successful ventures in today’s competitive market.

The Institute for Sales Excellence promotes the advancement in the field of professional selling by giving students access to specialized training, professional certifications, and the professional selling minor, exposure to best practices and trending sales methodology, and real-world sales experience.

Through these centers and institutes, students have access to a wealth of opportunities to engage in dialogue, attend public lectures, participate in conferences, and enroll in development programs.

Fostering Entrepreneurial Success

The University helps students interested in starting their own businesses or social ventures by providing them with resources and support through the Lowth Entrepreneurship Center, incubator, and its Spartan Accelerator program.

The Lowth Entrepreneurship Center is a 35,000-square-foot hub where student entrepreneurs, educators, and experienced mentors collaborate and innovate. This state-of-the-art facility offers a dynamic environment where students can brainstorm ideas, develop business concepts, and launch new ventures.

The Spartan Accelerator program is a structured pathway that helps students turn their ideas into viable businesses. This program gives students guidance and mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs and industry leaders who help them craft and refine their business plans. They also get valuable opportunities for networking and feedback through weekly peer meetings, guest speaker sessions, and pitch competitions while building a sense of community with other aspiring entrepreneurs.

Moreover, students have access to a wide range of resources and support services, such as workshops, seminars, and one-on-one mentoring sessions, which help them, navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship. The Lowth Entrepreneurship Center offers comprehensive support to students at every stage of the startup journey, whether they need legal advice, marketing strategies, or financial planning.


At Sykes College of Business, you can get an outstanding education with beautiful modern facilities, friendly and diverse qualified faculty, great variety of classes with students from more than 100 countries.

At Sykes College of Business, you can get an outstanding education with beautiful modern facilities, friendly and diverse qualified faculty, great variety of classes with students from more than 100 countries.

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